Monday, October 5, 2015

Vintage weekend

I had an unusually vintage weekend. Friday night The Boyfriend and I went to the re-opening of Clifton's, a kitschy cafeteria in downtown LA, where some people from the LA vintage community were going dressed in their best duds. Honestly it was a bit of a bust - they had long run out of food by the time we got there and we were both starving, so we walked in, took some pictures, and walked out to find dinner elsewhere. 

Then the next day I went to a 1920s themed festival. The last time I went to this I was secretly pregnant with Theo and barely squeezed into a friend's 20s garden party dress. This year I bought a gorgeous 20s hat and dress off Etsy in advance only to discover they were both way too small. So I wore a 30s dress and 40s hat and did a fake finger wave in my hair. 

I so love going to vintage events where I don't have to sing, dance, or run a contest. Thankfully The Boyfriend is interested in this stuff, too, and is trying to amass a vintage wardrobe for himself. Which will make shopping for presents for him extremely easy.

I ran my monthly Smc meeting yesterday. We have such a great group. Nearly everyone is pregnant or has a baby now, but we still get the occasional "thinker". I feel so proud when at the end of the meetings the new people say how glad they are to have found such a great group of women and ask to exchange contact info. I know when I was first starting out I would have given my eye teeth to talk to anyone about this process, much less find a group to meet up with to share the highs and lows. I'm so glad to be able to provide this for people.

They asked about my dating life and I told them what's been happening, adding the (to me) very interesting slant that had I not had these children already, it's extremely unlikely I ever would have, since I'm now 43 and this guy had a vasectomy some years ago. So yes, we could have been together and it would have been great, but...I would have been so sad to never have had kids. Can I just say, once again, how glad I am I just jumped in and had children on my own? Best.Decision.Ever.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! So glad things are going well for you and the man... All that hard work payed off! And yes, I also think that having kids on my own (even tho it hasn't worked yet!) has made dating easier. Don't care that my guy doesn't want more kids so I can just enjoy him for him. Keep on keeping on lady!

  2. I would give anything for such a great SMC group, even now. I feel I just don't fit in with the usual moms or the divorced's isolating in a sense when you only know people "like you" online