Friday, October 9, 2015

Trying out bribing

I'm on Day 2 of the Ice Cream Challenge. Being as Bobby still has zero interest in using the potty or wearing underpants, I am resorting to bribery via an ice cream sandwich after dinner. I gave B the choice of going all day in underpants with the promise of ice cream; at first he refused, but on the second day he went for it (and succeeded, I might add), and he went for it again today. Mind you, I am cheating a bit since I'm only attempting this on school days. But I figured this would be an easy way to work up to full time underwear wearing - with my sister in town next week none of us want the stress of a newly potty trained kid running around town; we have yet to attempt a public bathroom. So we'll do a couple of weeks of underpants-only days on school days and then later try no diapers any time (except night). Fingers crossed. 

Toddlerhood is hitting young Theo right on time at 18 months - he is mercurial and sensitive and lets out the most amazing screeches. If you hand him something he doesn't like he throws it on the ground and kicks it. I'm reminded of how this is how we would all behave if it were socially acceptable. 

Here are a couple of shots of us on a Malibu canyon hike yesterday:

Things still going great with The Boyfriend. I'm shocked at how well I'm handling the culture shock of adding a man into my life. At first it feels weird and uncomfortable to have someone at your house all the time, talking about parenting issues, talking about a future with you. But like a lot of things, all it takes is time and trust. He doesn't feel like a stranger trying to invade our comfortable life; after three months he's starting to feel more like someone I want to welcome into our life. 

I will be interested to hear my sister's take on him when she meets him next week.

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  1. Bribery is an amazing tool in a parent's arsenal! I'm using it for Calliope dressing herself in the morning. At some point I will have to wean her off chocolate milk... but I'm not there yet.

    And no one said the ice cream portions have to be large! Calliope's chocolate milk has one measly teaspoon of chocolate syrup to 4 oz of milk.

    It's amazing how fast things are changing with the boyfriend! Amazing, too, that he seems to be on board to embrace the whole family. Awesome.