Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two more days

I wish I could say we all skated through the past week with great health, but unfortunately we all got hit pretty hard with yet another in a seemingly endless series of stomach bugs. The baby threw up Wednesday, and I started feeling not so great, then Bobby threw up in the frozen food aisle at the supermarket Friday, then I threw up all Friday night, then the baby threw up all over the kitchen Saturday and I had to cancel all weekend plans and bring in help so I could try to recover...anyway. You get the picture. It's been an ordeal. Here it is a week later and we are all somewhat on the biggest fear is that the babysitter I called in for help over the weekend will get sick and not be able to watch the kids during my event. I have zero backup plan for this. I can imagine few things more horrid than having to drag these kids to the hotel...ugh! As of today she's still feeling good. Let's just hold the good thought, shall we?

I still feel vaguely nauseated. It feels like I'm pregnant but that's totally impossible considering The Boyfriend is "snipped" and I am 43. Also, then the boys are pregnant, too. So, no. And just in case you're wondering, I have zero interest in another baby. I know I said this before and changed my mind, but There is a point in a person's life in which more children is simply untenable. I am at that point. I am also old and tired.

Oh right, I said The Boyfriend. I asked how he'd like me to introduce him at my event and he said he'd like that, so Boyfriend it is. He says he does not want to go Facebook Official until he's met the kids. Which seems perfectly reasonable to me. That'll be a whole other thing to tackle once my eighteenth event finishes up.

As far as the event - it's going great. Registration closes tonight at midnight. We're on track for the largest attendance in our history, which is especially amazing considering my price increase. I haven't even looked at my bank balance because I don't want to get too excited; I have a bad history of thinking I have more money than I do and then being gravely disappointed. 

Next thing you hear it'll be over and I'll be experiencing my usual post-event crash. Let's all think the good thoughts for the smooth running of the event, health for everyone, and money in the bank!


  1. Hey wait, why aren't WE FB official? Friend me, dammit!

    1. I don't know your last name I don't think...??

  2. Good luck! Hope everything is running smoothly! And hey, I wanna be FB official too!

  3. Way to go, way to go, way to GO! Have a great event! You can do it!