Monday, August 24, 2015

Two weeks and Six weeks

Two weeks left to my event. If I didn't have to spend this entire week editing a hall of fame video, I would be pretty confident about the amount of work I've accomplished. But that is going to be a huge undertaking, sifting through hundreds of hours of video looking for clips; I'm not even sure the computer that I last used for editing two years ago will even turn on. I start tonight after the kids are asleep. God help me.

BO8RT and I had our romantic date in Malibu. I feel extremely awkward on dates - I never know quite how to behave. I suppose this is why people drink. But we had a lovely time and I could tell he'd really put a lot of thought and planning into it, which was very sweet.

We are coming up on six weeks together this week, which for me is when everything typically falls apart. Physiologically I suppose this is when that first burst of attraction hormones dies down and reality sets in. There is for sure part of me that wonders if there will suddenly be some ugly surprises surfacing now; but that's the risk you take in dating and getting to know people. So far everything is good. One day at a time.


  1. Nice looking guy! Congrats! And good luck with the video.

  2. I love the photo! Thanks for sharing. Good like with editing, hopefully it'll be easier than you expect.

  3. sweet photo! you both look great!

    how exciting that you have a kind of boyfriend!

  4. May you continue to enjoy his company and kisses!