Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kinda Sorta

We are entering the phase of the year where every moment is spoken for - all evenings, every school day when normally I could relax (well, as much as you can, looking after a seventeen month old). I still have several big projects to complete, not to mention the day to day fielding of emails and calls and last minute customer service issues and paperwork. It's a lot. I'm glad this only happens one month out of the year because I could not live like this all the time. I am ever so slightly panicked that it will not all get done. Oh well. My fall back position is at least I had the foresight to hire a daytime sitter for the final three days before my event so I'm not trying to entertain children while scrambling to get everything organized like last year (during which I almost lost my mind). And just think - next year Theo will be in school the same days as Bobby, so I will have three weekdays every week to work instead of squeezing work in on weekends and week nights!!! Oh, that's going to be heaven. So the hard stuff is behind me. Or almost.

BO8RT came over last night and worked me. I get NO sleep when he visits - partially for obvious reasons but partially because my tiny, creaky, sunken mattress is absolutely horrible for two people. He also sleeps horribly and then has to go operate heavy machinery all day (literally). Yet another thing you never think of when you're single - mattresses, and the importance therein. If I make decent money this year I *may* push forward with my plans to switch rooms with Bobby. Right now his bedroom is right off the living room so it's impossible to have people over without waking him up; and I want to take the opportunity to do a giant reno on my current room. It needs the filthy old carpet torn out and hardwood put in, the ceiling needs to be re plastered, and the shitty wallpaper liner stripped and walls and trim painted. I can do all that without disturbing him and then just move him (and preferably Theo) into that room and I'll take over his room. Maybe that will be the perfect opportunity to get a big new bed...? And hey, if the man isn't around anymore, still...big new bed!

I have zero reason to think he won't be around. He has yet to say I love you or ask me to be his girlfriend, but he did tell me last night he mentioned me to his sister and said "I kinda sorta have a girlfriend" and I keep telling people I kinda sorta have a boyfriend, so there's that. Personally it doesn't feel real until we're "Facebook official". Hopefully this time if I change my status to being in a relationship with someone, I won't have to sheepishly take it down two weeks later like last time.

This Saturday we're finally doing the "big romantic date" in Malibu we were supposed to do for our second date but I couldn't get a sitter for. I'm hoping he'll ask me to be his girlfriend then. Until then we'll just be kinda sorta.

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