Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Go on

My event is a month away. A month. I should probably be losing it about now. But I'm not. It might be because I'm distracted by two small children and a new relationship, or it could be that I've done it seventeen times, have delegated a lot, and am very much on top of it and focused because if I'm not the event will fail, I'll lose the house, and we'll be on the street.

Bobby has moved up to the three-year-old class at school. He has had accidents every day. Good times. 

Theo is walking all of the time now and is so ridiculously cute and cuddly I see why I wanted another baby when Bobby was this age.

Don't worry. I am not thinking of kids with BO8RT. He is "snipped" and I am old. At least we don't have to worry about any oopsies! 

I'm going to visit him at his work tomorrow. He works at (runs?) a print shop that mostly makes car valet cards. He's a blue collar guy - doesn't make much money and works long hours laboring over this complex machinery. He is convinced he will make a lot more money in the future as the business expands. We'll see if he's for real or just a dreamer. Fortunately I didn't expect someone to be highly educated or a professional to be with me (I mean, what the fuck am I? A high school graduate who lucked out with a successful business). He's supported entire families before so I know he can do it. Anyway as long as he's gainfully employed and can pay for the occasional dinner, I'm good!

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