Monday, July 13, 2015


Still unraveling last week's mind f*ck while simultaneously trying to learn from it and move on. I would love to talk to a therapist about this. But I doubt that he/she would tell me anything I don't already know. That women are groomed to be people pleasers, give guys a chance, give people the benefit of the doubt. That I have many co-dependent and people pleasing qualities that got me into that situation. I grant it all, yes. I wish I could be one of those kick ass chicks who throw every guy out the minute they feel disrespected or devalued. Perhaps I'll get there. This experience is definitely one more step on that road for sure - you can bet I will never allow something like that to happen again. Ever.

So I guess I learned from my experience with GAM to not jump to conclusions but from this experience to jump to conclusions...???

I told our mutual friend and she was mortified. I would be as well. I signed up for a site called Hinge that matches you based on Facebook connections so it feels more personal. The sad thing is, based on our mutual Facebook friend, this guy and I would have been matched on this site, too. Ugh.

In other (much needed) news, as of yesterday Theo is walking at least half the time now. I am putting him on the wait list for preschool when he turns two in March. Squeeee!

I had a meeting at preschool today about Bobby moving up to the next class - for all intents and purposes he is potty trained at school (no accidents after the first day in underwear), so now I just need to deliver him there in underpants. Then he can finally catch up to the kids his age. I think I am going to try ice cream sandwiches as an incentive to get him to use the potty at home. I've got to start somewhere. 

They also told me they haven't had a single incident report about his behavior the whole time he's been there, which is almost unheard of. They showed me stacks of reports generated by other kids. How awesome is that???

My event is going well - price increase night is Wednesday so the next few nights of work are going to be nuts. Then I get to escape to Palm Springs with two awesome single girlfriends for our Hos Before Bros weekend. Can.Not.Wait.

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  1. I wish our self esteem wasn't so wrapped up in the behaviours & opinions of others. If I had experienced what you did with GAM & the other dick, I'd be left wondering what I'd done wrong, how I could have made things better. I too wish I was the kick ass chick!