Thursday, July 2, 2015


This week has been non-stop dates. I'm on a roll and am rolling with it.

Tuesday was my second date with a guy I'll call Swagger. He was the one I met for coffee who I was shocked to hear from again. We went bowling. I had a horrible diarrhea attack before he got there (sound familiar? I think my stomach is not as down with all this dating stuff as other parts of my anatomy are). I don't think bowling is the best "getting to know you" activity really. We didn't get to talk at all as each of us was actually bowling when the other wasn't. So we did that for an hour and then it was like, "well, I should get going!" I didn't feel like I got to know anything more about this person or connect with him. We parted still strangers. For the record I like him - he's tall and cute and has a nice swagger about him. But who the hell knows what he's thinking? As we were parting he gave me a quick peck on the lips and I, wanting to ramp up the sexy, said I hoped he'd enjoyed looking up my skirt all night. He said yes, that's why he asked me to go bowling. So, that's out there. We'll see if he contacts me again.

Last night was...interesting. I met the guy who had canceled a daytime coffee date a couple of weeks ago. He was a nice guy. But he practices Polyamory. Why on earth did I want to meet this person, you ask? I was just curious about him. And the idea of getting to casually date someone while still freely seeking out other people did not sound unappealing to me. But. In the end I was not attracted to him. He was too old for me and kind of a screwball (ya think???). Chalk that one up to experience.

And that was the end of my Plenty of Fish experiences. The horrible little troll, the guy who stood me up, and Mister Polyamory. I deleted my account tonight so ex-cons can no longer jerk off to my pictures. As I was exiting the site for the last time they asked for feedback and I told them their site was the ghetto pond scum magnet from hell. Oh, and their phone app blows.

I was supposed to meet 3D Animator tonight but alas he fell off the face of the earth. By noon I checked in to see if we were still getting together and he said he was so sorry, he was stuck on a project that had to be delivered by the 4th. By 1 pm I had a date with someone else.


Tonight was a guy who had messaged me some weeks ago and then disappeared. He popped up again today as I was on line at In-N-Out. We agreed to meet for coffee.

He was ok. As with most people, I'd see him again. But I doubt I'll hear from him. I think he's the typical online dater - nobody is ever perfect enough. He said he'd been meeting a lot of good people but none he liked enough to call again. Sounds like everyone I met in my thirties. So we talked about home renovations and interest rates and taxes. I got a free green tea latte. Next!!!

Tomorrow I may meet this guy who is 6'5" and plays trumpet but doesn't seem to know any actual jazz trumpet players. He is very sharp and funny but won't seem to make an actual plan, and I don't feel that attracted to him. Oh well. If he doesn't call me I'll just go see a movie by myself. I don't give a fuck.

Are you exhausted reading this? It's actually not as demoralizing as it sounds. You just have to have the right attitude - it's about the journey. If you're fixated on meeting some perfect person you'll just get upset and frustrated. Think of it as meeting some interesting people, being out at night without kids and having something to get dressed up for. I find it all highly entertaining. It's nice to have things to look forward to, and overall I've met some really cool people even if we're not a match. 

I am still holding out hope I'll get a man to come to Palm Springs with me, but that is looking extremely unlikely at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

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  1. I like your perspective on this dating thing! I enjoy you doing it & me reading about it in my pjs more than if I had to do it myself, lol!! Good luck! I hope you at least get a Palm Springs companion!