Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Impromptu beach days

Yesterday we had an impromptu beach day. My Tuesdays used to be taken by my old mommy group from when B was a baby - now whittled down to just two of us, still standing as stay at home moms after three years - but that mom has a producer job until October and will probably move back east with her husband when the job ends. I'm not really processing the reality that one of my closest friends and confidantes is about to leave forever. It's going to be a big shift to all of our lives. For now I've decided Tuesday will be beach day for as long as I can tolerate it.

Next time if I can not leave the sunscreen and the baby's sippy cup on top of the car, that'd be awesome. I also discovered if you bury both kids in the sand so they can't move it's really easy to feed them lunch. Theo is finally able to play and doesn't need to be wrapped up on my chest for fear of getting a face full of sand anymore; I cannot wait until he and Bobby can really play in the waves while I watch. Next summer, maybe?

I had to bring Theo to my dentist appointment today because I currently have no weekday sitters; it did not go well. Despite bringing tons of toys and books and snacks, I think the dentist with his mask and tools scared him, and he wailed inconsolably all through my cleaning. Then at home he had one of those massive post-nap meltdowns that I remember from Bobby at this age. It's not pleasant but I have to say it's easier dealing with this toddler stuff the second time around and not being pregnant. 

Bobby is moving up to the next class at school in two weeks. I've been changing him into underpants in the school parking lot. His diaper is always dry - but he just refuses to put underwear on in the morning. *sigh* Baby steps.

Much discussion with Blown-Out 80s Rockabilly Tattoo about our "romantic date" Friday night. He doesn't want to tell me where we're going but I insisted on driving myself. It's funny to contemplate a future with a person and yet not feel comfortable getting into their car, having them over your house, or going to their house. Such is the nature of online dating, when this person is so anonymous to you, they could be anyone - ex-con, serial killer, date rapist, who knows? Until you get a sense of the person I say just don't ever put yourself in a position where you have no control - a car, alone in a house, etc. 

In the meantime I'm meeting a new guy tomorrow night, am chatting up another one, and three others asked me out but I'm waiting for them to contact me with a actual plan (I doubt any of them will follow through). The guy I'm meeting tomorrow will I'm sure be like most of the guys I've met - interesting, good looking, but will never call me again because he's just not that interested. That's 99% of people online. Just not that motivated to actually start a relationship. 

BO8RT is very motivated. I'm still not sure what to make of him. But it's been nice having someone be interested, especially when I'm (tentatively) interested back. We'll see what Friday night brings.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend moving. That is hard to deal with.

    Beach day sounds awesome! So jealous!!

  2. LOVE the bury-them-in-the-sand-to-get-them-to-eat-lunch idea! That's great, and I'm sure I'll use it on our beach trip in early September.

    Sorry your friend is moving. That sucks. Such a hard life event. But I'm sure you'll get used to the new normal eventually. Maybe even make a new friend? Or be so wrapped up in your new relationship that you'll barely notice??