Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dates one and two

Thursday night I went on a first date with a guy who was good looking, funny, smart and charming. When I texted him earlier in the day to confirm he asked if I was his parole officer. Win. We had great conversation over a nice dinner and he said I was smart, pretty, and sexy. He will never call me again.

Then last night I had date #2 with Blown Out 80s Rockabilly Tattoo. I wasn't sure if his good first impression would wear off or if in talking to him more a bunch of red flags would pop up; so often great first dates are followed by yucky second ones and then no thirds.


We had an amazing time. He held doors for me, pulled out my chair, paid for dinner and drinks, and then we feverishly made out in his car until almost 3 AM. What was just a few seconds of groping with GAM went on for about four hours with this guy. YES.

Occasionally he took his tongue out of my mouth long enough for us to have stimulating conversation about our political leanings, the problem with Reaganomics, cold fusion, communism in Asia, our love for Richard Dawkins, and to watch Carl Sagan videos on his phone. Then he'd grab my ass and we'd be off again. It was awesome.

He did tell me shortly into our date that he was still dating other people, which bummed me out slightly until I remembered that I am, too. Funny how that works, isn't it? My response was, "well, this is only our second date." What's the rush? I know he's really into me and I'm pretty confident I'll be the last one standing. No need to go there right this second.

Taking the kids to the baby kennel today so I can run my Smc group and expound on the joys of single parenthood, then running off to see him again and spend a few more hours with his hands up my skirt before I pick them up. The irony of this is not lost on me.


  1. Yeah for not one but two good dates!

  2. Nice!!! I'm a little jealous...

  3. OMG, I almost lost my dinner laughing so hard at the "baby Kennel". Good luck, this sounds promising.