Friday, June 26, 2015

Work it, girl

So not a word from Grown Ass Man. Perhaps he is not as Grown Ass as I thought. What is that lovely melody I hear? Is it The Song of the Penis??? The sound of yet another man's member retreating into his body in the face of my ever-intimidating fabulousness? Yes, I believe it is. Let's all dance to that little tune, shall we, ladies?

Honestly I would be pretty hurt and miserable right now if not for the fact that a) my babysitter's comment "just make sure he has a real job" kind of dumped cold water on the sex fog I was under, and b) I have a date for tonight, and Sunday, and Tuesday. OH.SNAP.

Been working that smart phone. Tonight's date is with a POF guy I've been courting from the beginning who is afraid of having another horrible first date with someone who completely lied and misrepresented themselves. Finally got him to meet me to hear some music tonight, the date GAM was supposed to come to. This guy is super cute and a man's man, so different. I hope we at least have a pleasant evening together. Considering I am neither morbidly obese nor 10 years older than my pictures, he should at least not be disappointed.

Sunday I meet a new guy, "cool dad" type. He seems very nice.

Tuesday is date #2 with the guy I met for coffee who I thought didn't like me. He's really cute, too. Wouldn't object to his hands on my ass. Not one bit.

What do I do if GAM does contact me? Not sure. I think a lot depends on how, when, and how these other dates go. Part of me wants to ignore him, part of me wants to tell him he blew it by neglecting me, part of me wants to just keep it going because who cares? when I have other options. We'll see.

Can I just say how glad I am right now that I didn't jump to putting all my eggs in his undeserving basket? That would have sucked. 

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