Monday, June 1, 2015

The sinners are much more fun

For me life's events tend to have a soundtrack. My grandmother's death - The English Beat's "Can't Get Used to Losing You". Bobby's birth - the version of Frère Jacques used in the Target ad that played over and over in the hospital during my (endless) labor. Teddy's was that "if you ever need someone to hold you" song in the Subaru ad that played when he was born. 

Last night I met Coffee Meets B.agel Guy. I decided the soundtrack for this event is Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young". Why? I didn't know why at first until I really listened to the lyrics (yes, I bought this song. Shut up). It's an ode to teenaged lust; the story of a boy trying to convince his Catholic crush to give it up. Why this song fits a single mother of two meeting some random guy from a cheesy online dating app I'm not sure, but it does. I think we all want to feel that teenager-y feeling of lust for another person. We all want to feel young again. I've often wondered, are all the guys who told me they're "just not feeling it" for me being true to themselves and reaching for that teenager-y feeling, or are they delusional, immature idiots? Am I "settling" when I don't care that much about having those feelings, or am I being mature and realistic? Who the hell knows? Not me.

Anyway, I met this guy last night and we had a lovely three hour coffee date and I really enjoyed his company and thought he was cute enough. Not sure what he thought of me but he texted me this morning to have dinner Wednesday night. So, that's pretty awesome.

This is by far the best luck I've had with this internet crap. Met two people who actually wanted to see me more than once. I believe this is a record. Now I just have to figure out how/when to reveal the existence of the children. I'm thinking see if it goes past two dates. I think I've only gotten that far once or twice in the past; the odds are not with us. So I'm going to cross that road when I come to it. It's not fun keeping this from him, though. I didn't really have an answer to why I haven't dated in so long or what I do all day. Also when he walked me to my car I was terrified he'd see the car seats! Thank God he didn't. Ugh!

So in small world news, turns out he works on this comedy podcast that is frequented by the guy who broke my heart in high school. The fact that the two of them have been in the same room together and know each other is just too weird for words.

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  1. I love you blog & your dating updates. I like Okc.upid-& went out with a few nice guys from there. You have inspired me to give the bagel site a shot. Just gotta figure out how to get i.os seven on my mobile d.evice :)