Friday, June 12, 2015

Failures and Successes

Today was the day I had been anticipating for weeks - years, really. It was the day my snazzy new fridge was going to be delivered. I had panicked a bit when the night before they called to give me a delivery window of right when I would normally be grocery shopping and then dropping B at school, but after failing to reschedule I decided screw it, if B had to miss school and we had to get our groceries on Saturday it was well worth it.

The delivery guys called to say they'd be arriving an hour early, so I frantically set to emptying the entire contents of the fridge, taking off everything from the top of it (all thickly coated with grime and dust), and painstakingly peeling off all the magnets and stickers and papers. All this while trying to change massive shitty diapers and get a baby and kid dressed and fed breakfast which is always a giant chaotic mess anyway without having bags and bags of slowly melting refrigerator contents underfoot. 

And then the delivery guys show up. Guess what? The fucking refrigerator is a half inch too big to squeeze through the kitchen door. Are you fucking kidding me? I believe was my response to that information. So they left. And I spent the next half hour throwing all of the sweating food back in the refrigerator in no particular order, cursing and slamming things as I went. 

Well, at least Bobby got to school on time and we got groceries. Yes, despite having an entire kitchen floor covered in melting food, we had nothing to eat. Much like my bulging closets and drawers which belie the fact that I have nothing to wear.

So back to Sears I went to get a "counter depth" fridge which ended up costing $1200 more than I already spent and has such shitty capacity that it may be even less than the one I have now. F...M...L...

They deliver next Friday. If anything goes wrong this time I'm going to break something into a million pieces. Maybe all those plates I wanted to break on Mother's Day?

Couldn't escape the thought, as I was angrily throwing jars of capers (why?) back into the fridge, imagine if my current fridge had broken and I had to wait a week for a new one? As always, things could be sooooo much worse.

In other news, after countless unreturned calls I finally got a landscaper over to give me an estimate on a tree trimming, yard cleanup, and regular maintenance. They start next Thursday and I am beyond excited at the concept of having a pretty, well maintained yard for the first time in fourteen years. Which means I now have to fire the slightly crazy old cat lady who has been charging me $80 a month to do a little raking and fill my yard with countless stray cats she insists on feeding. It's one of these horrible situations I've put up with for years because I just haven't had the balls to get rid of her, feeling bad because she needs the money, etc. But my yard has turned into a huge eyesore and I resent the fact that I can't even take the kids outside because everything is so overgrown and filthy. AND I'm paying for this crap. Again, if I were a man I wouldn't have put up with it for a second. 

In dating news, it was a rough week. Just an hour before I was supposed to leave for my coffee date Tuesday the guy cancels. Do you have any idea how demoralizing it is to have to take off your cute date outfit and put on your shitty, frumpy mom clothes, tie back your hair, take off your jewelry, put on sensible shoes, cancel the babysitter (again), and instead make lunches and change diapers in anticipation of a long, boring day with the kids when you were supposed to be on a hot date? It sucked. All week was more of the same - people expressing interest and then vanishing, unreturned messages, text conversations that go nowhere, people who put you in their favorites file but then don't answer when you write to them, good phone calls that never result in a date. Horrible! I was in such a pit of despair about it that I didn't dare write a blog but just complained endlessly to my private journal instead. BUT.

The other night a guy messaged me on Ok.Cupid who seemed - dare I say it - pretty great. Devoted dad, lived in the same neighborhood I did in NY, film guy, really appreciates and respects my love of vintage stuf, AND actually wants to meet me (which about 95% of people never do). We have a dinner date Sunday night. I cannot wait.

Oh, and Theo took his first tentative steps Wednesday. I wish I could post the video from my phone; it was beyond cute. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.


  1. Yay!! Good news all around. First steps for two people. A friend of mine found her husband through online dating, after dating "most of the single men in town". These days it can be more like wading through a sea of muck in addition to kissing a few frogs. Kissing frogs seems like a breeze. Maybe those were the good old days?! Anyway I'm rooting for you. Look forward to hearing more of your stories.

  2. Dating blows, kudos to you for even trying!! One suggestion... If there's ever a next time when a guy cancels and you already have a babysitter, don't cancel the sitter! Instead, go out and have some you time, get a massage, a pedicure, see a movie, whatever. It'll be money well spent!