Friday, June 5, 2015

Can't blame a guy for trying...

Just had my first post-CMB date. It was with the guy I thought was a serial dater. I don't know if I still think of him that way. I don't know what to make of him, really, but I am interested to see him again if he wants. He is a vegan who is starting his own apothecary. Interesting. He asked for my phone number (we had only been communicating via the OkC.upid app) at the end of the date and wanted a couple of gropey hugs. So I would say he's into it. But who the hell knows? If I never hear from him again it won't be the first time someone's been like that with me and then disappeared. Men are a strange animal.

Back to CMB guy who "dumped" me because of the kids - I stumbled upon his OkC.upid profile last night. In this one he specifically writes that he does not want kids nor does he want to date anyone with kids. Which made me think two things - one, he's all mad at me for not having on my profile that I had kids; why the fuck didn't he write that he won't date anyone with kids? And, I'm discovering, someone who's that explicitly anti-kid is rare. Maybe more guys feel that way but don't write it out because they don't want to look like an asshole; but the fact that he's that adamant about it tells me he has issues. Not that we didn't already know this of course. So, yeah. Good luck, buddy.

So I am now double booked Sunday. A festival with one guy in the morning and then coffee with another in the afternoon. Snap.

This is all a lot of hard work, but thankfully I have experience with this stuff so I know what's required. You do have to make it a full time job. But it's all a lot easier with smart phones where you can pop on and message people and then get back to your life rather than sitting in front of a computer.

So far a couple of guys - one online and the guy tonight - have asked about the kids, do I share custody, etc - and I've told them the truth. I wasn't sure what men would think about the whole sperm donor thing, but so far they've found it fascinating. Both said they never knew anyone that did that before. Hopefully they are happy about the fact that there's no bitter divorce or psycho dad in my life (except for my own, of course). 

One of the first guys I "talked" to was this 50-year-old named Ken who kept asking me (via chat) when was the last time I was pampered and do I like back rubs, etc. I told him he was being creepy and he backed off, have not heard from him since. Can't blame a guy for trying, right?


  1. Oh you are so right about it being a full time job! And good for you for telling it straight to the creepy guy, maybe he'll change his approach. It's also refreshing that the guys you've told about the boys are nonplussed by their conception.

  2. I looked at it as entertainment truthfully! If I was lucky enough to actually get something decent (and I did 25% of time) I was happy :) love your updates! Keep at it - and have fun!