Monday, June 29, 2015

Like a rolling stone

You see this face? This is the face of a woman who is right in the middle of an angry text war with a man she was seeing who was scolding her like a child and accusing her of being insecure, who is made to stop and take pictures. You'd never know it, would you?

I hate, hate, hate that I came across as a needy psycho. But I did. If the situation were reversed and a man I was seeing but hadn't talked to in a couple of days sent me that text, I would have thought he was a psycho and called it off, too.

Saturday was pretty miserable. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut all day. But thanks to my sister and a couple of helpful friends who talked me down off the ledge, I survived. And realized it was for the best. By the next day I was laughing about it and even struggling to remember his name.

See? We Cancers love hard and completely and can be needy and clingy, but also are fickle as hell and will turn on you in an instant. Grown-Ass who...?

One interesting side note. I had my Smc meeting yesterday and of course told the ladies this of them told me she was dating this guilt-ridden divorced dad with twin daughters who would make calls to them during their dates, talked non-stop about them, and even canceled a date once because a pet hamster died. Now this may sound charming to some, but...based on my own experience as the only daughter of a guilt-ridden, obsessed divorced dad, I see it a little differently. I believe there are men out there who take on this maudlin, over-romanticized view of their children (especially daughters), and use it as an excuse to avoid intimacy with grown women. My father was over-the-top in his melodramatic love for me...when it suited him. But then he never paid a dime in child support, would disappear for years on end and then pop up whenever he pleased, and would never give me a straight answer about anything. Can you see why a man ignoring my texts for days is kind of a huge trigger for me??? Anyway. I'm not saying at all that all divorced dads are like this; far from it. But I'm saying it's something to be on the lookout for. 

Isn't it great to be an Smc without all that divorce baggage? So far every man I've told my situation has been positively thrilled there's no other man they have to contend with. It's been a huge selling point.

So I met a new guy yesterday. He was very nice but not for me. He was little and nervous and totally lacking in self-confidence. I think he felt I was out of his league, and he was right. Next!!!

When I got home I started working the apps again. Got in a nice chat session with a really cool guy who I may meet tonight, or if not, Thursday. I googled him (once again, once you get a person's phone number you can find out just about anything) and he's pretty great - a leader in his field (3D animation), and well-liked by his peers (Facebook told me we have a mutual friend - I texted her and she said he was awesome), from the east coast (with cute Jersey accent to boot, according to various interviews of him on YouTube), divorced dad, and 41 (I feel like I'm robbing the cradle).

So, unlike GAM, this man may not have seen The Bitter Tears of Petra Van Kant. I guess I'll have to live with that.

He was very excited about meeting me, so we'll see. Either we'll meet and there will be fireworks or he will disappear into the ether like so many others. If so...I've got two other dates this week, so screw it.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I blew "it"

GAM did answer me. I got an answer to my "it was nice knowing you" text as I was driving to a birthday party today. 


He said, "you pull this crap on my daughter's frickin' birthday???"

I told him I hadn't heard from him for days, he left my last texts unanswered, what was I supposed to think?

He went on. Told me I was insecure and that's his one deal breaker, went on and on about how dare I mess with his time with his daughter like this, etc etc. All I could do was shame-facedly apologize and back pedal. I groveled. It was humiliating. 

But there was no point. He was done with me. I blew it. With one stupid text.

BUT. What, exactly, did I blow? Well, probably something that would have made me feel neglected and frustrated. All of our contact, except the first one, had been initiated by me. Every text, every call, both dates. All me. Which doesn't make you feel good even when the person seems to be on board with whatever you're offering. He told me that his ex- is trying to ramp up his custody so that he would have his daughter part of every weekend and several weeknights. For me, I can get a sitter any old time and pop out to see someone. A guilt-ridden divorced dad is not getting a sitter even if the child is asleep. So he'd be unavailable pretty much most of the time. I would be his lowest priority in life. Is that what I want? No it is not. 

Sure, I overreacted to not hearing from him in a couple of days. But keep in mind he never left me hanging like that, ever. He was always right on it when I texted him and we'd go on to have a nice long conversation, even with his daughter there. Not answering three texts and no contact for three days? I think that's cause for some concern, no? Especially when the plan is to come over and sleep with me! I guarantee he would not have contacted me today or tomorrow because of the daughter's birthday party. How would I have felt after almost a week of no contact? 

My sister pointed out that it was kind of alarming how angry he was, how rigid and unforgiving. It seems like every time I talked to him he was drinking and sad and frustrated about something, almost always having to do with the ex- and his daughter. I think his life is kind of messy. He's definitely an obsessive control freak like me. My sister pointed out two obsessive control freaks are not a good match. She's so right. 

So, I don't think this man would have brought me anything but misery. So often those matches that are all hot and heavy at first go down that road - this has pretty much always been the case for me. I definitely was drawn to him by a variety of factors - our shared history, shared cultural references, shared parenting experience, and his physical desire for me was awesome. But yeah, little red flags...the drinking, the obsessive working out (he does this culty group workout thing that kind of takes over your life), the messy marriage breakup, the disapproving parents...I was asking myself all day long why I sent that stupid text, but I think really I was like a captured animal chewing off her leg to free herself. I'm not an idiot. I knew if I sent that it would be the end, and it was. 

My evening so far has consisted of a man who chatted me up online and then abruptly stopped talking to me when I told him how young my kids are, and a guy who gave me his number earlier so we could chat tonight who has not answered my text. 

La lucha continua, huh?

The dark side

Sometimes dating is going on a second date with someone you really like, groping each other all night, and having them slide their hands up your skirt on the street and loving it.

Sometimes dating is waiting all night for someone, starving because you didn't have dinner, then going home and grimly eating ramen noodles at midnight because they never showed.

That was my night last night. So we've hit a new first and all-time low. I have now been stood up. 

This guy who I had not met before said he'd come meet me to hear this band. He lives pretty far and it was Friday during rush hour, so on our way we were texting to check progress. And then at some point he just stopped answering me, and then never showed up. I can only guess he got fed up with the traffic and turned around and went home. But to not just say, "not going to make it in time, how about another night?" How fucking hard is that? I texted him, "well, I've never been stood up before. That was awesome." And went home and went to bed. Thank God this was something I was going to go to anyway, and all my friends were there so I had company. Had I been sitting alone in a restaurant I think I would have lost my shit. The depths people sink to while dating never cease to amaze me. 

Speaking of which, since I was already feeling shitty, I texted GAM on the way home, "well, it was nice knowing you." It's twelve hours later and nothing. Can you believe this shit?

I figure I'll give it until tonight and then one final text to tell him how disappointed I am and how I expected better than this. I believe it's important to call people on this kind of bullshit, because it is not acceptable. You don't get to feverishly make out with someone, make all kinds of plans, talk for hours on the phone, and then disappear without so much as a "this is too much for me right now" or "I'm sorry but I'm just not feeling it". The one time I got to tell this guy some years ago as he dumped me that I felt like he was emotionally unavailable, had wasted my time and toyed with me, and that he made me feel shitty and unloved, made me feel great. 

I won't be ignored, Dan!

Not answering someone before you've even met, or after one or two dates in which there's been little or no physical contact I believe is ok. In those cases I'd rather be left wondering than told "I decided I just don't find you that attractive." But once there's been full make out sessions and plans made and discussions about being in a relationship - yeah, you need to talk to the person if you're about to bow out. That's just common courtesy.

So, yeah. Definitely not a good couple of days for me. I meet a new guy tomorrow, then a second date on Tuesday, maybe another new guy later in the week. But that's it. No other prospects. Not sure if this dating thing has become played out. We'll see. Pretty deflated at the moment, though.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Work it, girl

So not a word from Grown Ass Man. Perhaps he is not as Grown Ass as I thought. What is that lovely melody I hear? Is it The Song of the Penis??? The sound of yet another man's member retreating into his body in the face of my ever-intimidating fabulousness? Yes, I believe it is. Let's all dance to that little tune, shall we, ladies?

Honestly I would be pretty hurt and miserable right now if not for the fact that a) my babysitter's comment "just make sure he has a real job" kind of dumped cold water on the sex fog I was under, and b) I have a date for tonight, and Sunday, and Tuesday. OH.SNAP.

Been working that smart phone. Tonight's date is with a POF guy I've been courting from the beginning who is afraid of having another horrible first date with someone who completely lied and misrepresented themselves. Finally got him to meet me to hear some music tonight, the date GAM was supposed to come to. This guy is super cute and a man's man, so different. I hope we at least have a pleasant evening together. Considering I am neither morbidly obese nor 10 years older than my pictures, he should at least not be disappointed.

Sunday I meet a new guy, "cool dad" type. He seems very nice.

Tuesday is date #2 with the guy I met for coffee who I thought didn't like me. He's really cute, too. Wouldn't object to his hands on my ass. Not one bit.

What do I do if GAM does contact me? Not sure. I think a lot depends on how, when, and how these other dates go. Part of me wants to ignore him, part of me wants to tell him he blew it by neglecting me, part of me wants to just keep it going because who cares? when I have other options. We'll see.

Can I just say how glad I am right now that I didn't jump to putting all my eggs in his undeserving basket? That would have sucked. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New York re-cap

So I just returned from my first gig sans children. I felt so "light" - no strollers, no babies in carriers, no diaper bag. I'm trying not to think about how great it was because it'll just make me sad! Someday I will be free of diaper bags and strollers and heavy lurching babies in carriers forever. But not yet.

The gig itself was a bit of a mixed bag - it was outdoors and it rained and thunder stormed off and on all day, causing them to hold us off from even entering the backstage area until an hour after we were supposed to start, which was a problem for me because I had much assemblage of hair/makeup/elaborate dress to do. So instead of waiting around in the rain in curlers and no makeup I walked back to the hotel and waited there. Here is a shot I snapped once I had myself put together:

My hair was not loving the intense humidity and heat.

We finally did get to play, but only for an hour, and largely to an empty floor as the staff tried to mop all the rainwater off of it so people could dance. In the end it all worked out and everyone had a good time, but it did not exactly go smoothly. 

Unfortunately there was no time to enjoy the city at all. I did get to have lunch with my sister, but didn't connect with friends and even the band just went for a quick bite after the show and then collapsed at the hotel. I was hoping to make it downtown for some late night shenanigans, but it was not to be.

Now to the important stuff. Grown Ass Man and I texted and talked on the phone much of the weekend. It was great. We started using the term "us" and then laughing about how gross it was; we quoted Smiths lyrics back and forth; we looked forward with glee to our first night together, whenever that may be.

But now I am having second thoughts about him. It may all be nothing, but...something doesn't feel right. Or rather, something feels a little too eerily familiar. It all started innocently enough when my babysitter, on the drive home from the airport, off handedly said, "well, just make sure he has a real job." 

I don't know why, but this sentence kind of made my blood run cold. I don't really know what this guy does - he said he works for a YouTube startup - because he never talks about it (and most men that's all they talk about); but more importantly, never seems to actually be working. He mentioned how his parents disapprove of him - and honestly, as a first generation Korean I can imagine the bar is pretty high; anything less than doctor or lawyer and you're a loser. So I take that with a grain of salt. But there are other things - this bizarre story of how his wife left him: according to him, in which he came home one day and his wife asked him to move out, and then her brother who had been lurking in the bedroom came out and showed him a picture of his daughter on his phone and said, "see, she's happy. Maybe in a few weeks you can write her." So basically the daughter had been removed and was being held somewhere. So...either all of these people are crazy, or something happened there. I would kill to hear the wife's side of the story, believe me. Now, I don't think there was any abuse or violence or anything like that mostly because the wife is allegedly right now trying to get GAM to pick up and move closer to her so they can now share custody 50/50 instead of the current arrangement of just every other weekend. So if she was scared of him or felt he was a danger to her child I doubt she'd be doing that. But all of this is pretty out there.

It's reminding me a little too much of my last boyfriend, the sociopath who came on all hot and heavy like this guy, who also had no discernible job, and who also had lots of bizarre stories of people doing horrible things to him that he didn't deserve. It's a little creepy.

Anyway, the sad reality is I wouldn't be saying any of this if he were being attentive. I texted him when I got back and he said he couldn't see me Friday as we planned because he's picking up his daughter. We kind of made plans to get together Monday instead...but not really, and he hasn't answered any of my texts since, which he never did before. So I think something's up. I am going to leave him alone and see what he does. If I never hear from him again then we know what's up.

How, exactly, does a person grab your ass on the street, talk to you for hours on the phone, make all kinds of plans, and then disappear? Oh, very easily. Very easily indeed.

But thanks to the miracle of Internet dating, I now have another date with someone else on Sunday and another one pending.

In your FACE.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Donor Appreciation Day!

Today for Donor Appreciation Day the boys and I went to Griffith Park for a kid's train ride, but it turned out the baby couldn't go and I had no one (read: no dad) to leave him with (oh, the irony) so we had to abruptly change plans. Luckily the other train ride, the place where I have the boys' birthday parties, was open, and I could take both kids on that one. So we spent a pleasant afternoon there and then drove to In N Out where Bobby regaled me with his version of David Bowie's Boys Keep Swinging which seemed quite fitting.

Life is a pop of the cherry...when you're a boy

Speaking of which, Grown Ass Man and I have been exchanging lascivious texts after the respective children go to bed. I am attempting to get him over to the house next weekend for various adult activities, but it's his daughter's birthday so it may not happen. I feel like we're teenagers trying to find places to furtively grope each other. How, exactly, does one do this with children in the house??? 

I can't go to his place unless I want to spend a small fortune on babysitters, and having him here runs the risk of one or both waking up. And there's never a time when I don't have at least one of the kids, with my weekday babysitter now out of commission for several months. To say it's complicated is an understatement. I guess married people manage to get it on with a variety of willing relatives as babysitters and door locks. I at least have the door locks.

But there are other things at play, too. I mean, we're online daters. At what point do we have the talk about not seeing other people? At what point do we take our profiles down and trust that the other person is being honorable about it? 

At what point can you feel safe that this person isn't going to dump you? The sad answer to that is...never. I've always said a person can decide after one date or thirty years of marriage that they're just not that into you. And there isn't a damned thing you can do about it. This guy's wife left him for another man, and then that relationship fizzled after just three months. Which furthers my opinion that relationships suck. Well, a lot of the time. We all hope we'll be that one who lucks out and finds a good person and you'll just be happy forever and it will all work out. But very few people actually get that. What makes me think I will?

I haven't decided if keeping these two other guys on the side for now is smart or shitty. There's no guarantee that I will see either of them (one for the first time, one for a second time) once I get back from my trip next week; part of me wants to message them both and tell them they're great but I'm kind of seeing someone, but then another part of me is like, I don't see no rings on these fingers. He hasn't asked me to be exclusive and we've only been on two dates and shit, I barely know this person. And yet I'm trying to figure out how to sleep with this person I barely know which I guess raises a lot of questions right there.

Anyway, Grown Ass Man's 48th birthday is tomorrow which means he will be even more grown-ass. And I'll be on a plane to NY to sing at Lincoln Center. Honestly I'm so wrapped up in my head about this stuff that the timing couldn't be better for a little palate-cleansing trip!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grown-ass Man, part II

So last night I met for coffee with this random guy who was cute and very nice and funny but gave me the standard, "bye, it was nice to meet you," hug at the end of the night, also known as, "this will never happen." And I didn't care, because I knew I was seeing Grown-ass Man again for date #2 tonight.

We met for a very late dinner at an all-night Chinese dive and then went to the aging hipster bar where I had met Craig's List Guy two months before. And we just talked about our attraction for each other and groped each other all night. At one point my bass player walked in as this guy had his hand up my dress. Hi.

Then he walked me to my car and we made out like bandits and he pulled my skirt up and grabbed my ass right there on the deserted Chinatown street and I fucking loved it. 

Now it's 2AM and I'm going to take a cold shower and go to bed. Hello, sexuality, nice to have you back in town again.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Grown-ass man

So I had my date last night. You know what? It was kinda great.

We met for dinner and I think we were both relieved that neither had misrepresented ourselves (I knew he hadn't because of course I'd googled his phone number, found his Facebook page, got his full name and then googled him again and found a few tidbits about him here and there). 

Even though I had only texted/chatted with him before we met, he was really cool and interesting and easy to talk to. And very secure and straight forward. Is this what dating in your forties, post-children is supposed to be? Because I like it.

I had a moment before the date when I worried it would be like that painfully awkward scene in Fargo where Marge (?) meets up with her old high school friend. Thankfully it was nothing like that. 

What's he like? Late forties, divorced dad of an almost seven-year-old girl. Yale graduate, Masters from NYU. Awesome boisterous Korean laugh. Works for some kind of start up. Very insightful and smart and evolved. He told me his friends had asked if we were getting drinks and he told them he felt he needed a clear head to "keep up with me" (not bad for me, a high school graduate, eh?). He was great with the compliments and kept telling me how great I looked and how all those guys who never called me again must have been crazy and/or intimidated by me. Thank you, that is my theory exactly.

We reminisced about the East Village in the 80s and how when they opened The Gap on St Mark's Place that it was officially over. We quoted Woody Allen ("I need a large polo mallet") and Louis CK (first date conversation - female, "where are we going?" male, "to your death, statistically"). We talked about online experiences (one woman stood him up - turns out she had been jailed the night before for a DUI - and she has three kids).

We went for coffee after dinner and at one point he asked, "can I kiss you?" and we, like, totally made out. And he's an excellent kisser. I felt it in my toes. Aww yeah. We had another nice make out session by the car and then thanks to the coffee and/or hormones I was up buzzing until 6AM. Ouch. 

We're going to try to get together before I leave on Monday. I've got a lot going on (including a date with someone else tomorrow) and he has his daughter next weekend, but hopefully we'll figure something out.

So I'm trying not to get too excited because, you know, I've been let down so very many times, even after dates as good as this (but I don't normally kiss on the first date, so that's new). And he is still pretty much a stranger - who knows what lurks beneath? But for now I may have a candidate for my (hopefully) libidinous birthday weekend in Palm Springs, and that is super exciting.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Failures and Successes

Today was the day I had been anticipating for weeks - years, really. It was the day my snazzy new fridge was going to be delivered. I had panicked a bit when the night before they called to give me a delivery window of right when I would normally be grocery shopping and then dropping B at school, but after failing to reschedule I decided screw it, if B had to miss school and we had to get our groceries on Saturday it was well worth it.

The delivery guys called to say they'd be arriving an hour early, so I frantically set to emptying the entire contents of the fridge, taking off everything from the top of it (all thickly coated with grime and dust), and painstakingly peeling off all the magnets and stickers and papers. All this while trying to change massive shitty diapers and get a baby and kid dressed and fed breakfast which is always a giant chaotic mess anyway without having bags and bags of slowly melting refrigerator contents underfoot. 

And then the delivery guys show up. Guess what? The fucking refrigerator is a half inch too big to squeeze through the kitchen door. Are you fucking kidding me? I believe was my response to that information. So they left. And I spent the next half hour throwing all of the sweating food back in the refrigerator in no particular order, cursing and slamming things as I went. 

Well, at least Bobby got to school on time and we got groceries. Yes, despite having an entire kitchen floor covered in melting food, we had nothing to eat. Much like my bulging closets and drawers which belie the fact that I have nothing to wear.

So back to Sears I went to get a "counter depth" fridge which ended up costing $1200 more than I already spent and has such shitty capacity that it may be even less than the one I have now. F...M...L...

They deliver next Friday. If anything goes wrong this time I'm going to break something into a million pieces. Maybe all those plates I wanted to break on Mother's Day?

Couldn't escape the thought, as I was angrily throwing jars of capers (why?) back into the fridge, imagine if my current fridge had broken and I had to wait a week for a new one? As always, things could be sooooo much worse.

In other news, after countless unreturned calls I finally got a landscaper over to give me an estimate on a tree trimming, yard cleanup, and regular maintenance. They start next Thursday and I am beyond excited at the concept of having a pretty, well maintained yard for the first time in fourteen years. Which means I now have to fire the slightly crazy old cat lady who has been charging me $80 a month to do a little raking and fill my yard with countless stray cats she insists on feeding. It's one of these horrible situations I've put up with for years because I just haven't had the balls to get rid of her, feeling bad because she needs the money, etc. But my yard has turned into a huge eyesore and I resent the fact that I can't even take the kids outside because everything is so overgrown and filthy. AND I'm paying for this crap. Again, if I were a man I wouldn't have put up with it for a second. 

In dating news, it was a rough week. Just an hour before I was supposed to leave for my coffee date Tuesday the guy cancels. Do you have any idea how demoralizing it is to have to take off your cute date outfit and put on your shitty, frumpy mom clothes, tie back your hair, take off your jewelry, put on sensible shoes, cancel the babysitter (again), and instead make lunches and change diapers in anticipation of a long, boring day with the kids when you were supposed to be on a hot date? It sucked. All week was more of the same - people expressing interest and then vanishing, unreturned messages, text conversations that go nowhere, people who put you in their favorites file but then don't answer when you write to them, good phone calls that never result in a date. Horrible! I was in such a pit of despair about it that I didn't dare write a blog but just complained endlessly to my private journal instead. BUT.

The other night a guy messaged me on Ok.Cupid who seemed - dare I say it - pretty great. Devoted dad, lived in the same neighborhood I did in NY, film guy, really appreciates and respects my love of vintage stuf, AND actually wants to meet me (which about 95% of people never do). We have a dinner date Sunday night. I cannot wait.

Oh, and Theo took his first tentative steps Wednesday. I wish I could post the video from my phone; it was beyond cute. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Double-fister of a day

Today was the day I had two back-to-back dates. I am exhausted. And disappointed. And broke.

The first guy, who I had contacted on POF and spoke to on the phone, I met at a street fair. Kind of a mistake since there was no set end time; I had allotted three hours. The minute I saw him I just wanted to go home.

Oh, this poor, poor man. I've met guys like this on occasion who are - for lack of a better term - kind of scary to look at. It does happen that sometimes people just are really good at taking pictures that hide all their flaws. So he did have pictures that obviously were him...but just him in an alternate universe in which he does not have giant bug eyes, horrid grey teeth, a flabby body and an uncomfortable-in-his-skin affect about him. I could see by the look on his face when he saw me that he knew I would never go for him. So we walked around the festival for a bit - ran into a friend I had to introduce him to - and I somehow made my escape after about an hour. Awful!

Then I had to kill two hours so I went to Target to buy some sexy bras. For whom, you might ask? For whom indeed.

Then I met guy #2 who was nice enough and ok looking but was one of these really introverted, closed-in guys who barely made eye contact. In other words - your classic non-scary internet dater; nice enough guy but super boring and with zero sex appeal. I think this was another instance where we both knew it wasn't happening.

He was in his 50s and I'm beginning to wonder if that's just too old for me. All the guys in their 50s are grey or bald and paunchy, and they just feel old to me. Might be time to focus more on people closer to my age.

I've also been tweaking my profiles in reaction to people's response to it. Instead of leading with the kids I've taken them out of it, only having it as a box I ticked rather than a paragraph about how much I want to meet a single dad. I think it's too restrictive really since I don't care that much if the guy has kids or not. So many people have said, "well, I'm not a dad, so..." that I feel it's time to remove that requirement. 

So as of right now I am meeting one more guy Tuesday, but that's it. I have people I wrote to who look at my profile multiple times a day but never write me back. I have people I've exchanged messages with who never ask to meet me. I have tons of people I wrote to who read the message, looked at my profile, and then never wrote back. Sigh. It is utterly exhausting.

It's so typical that the one guy I really liked, who really liked me back, couldn't stand kids. Ain't that some bullshit? Some days you just can't win. Today was one of those days.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Can't blame a guy for trying...

Just had my first post-CMB date. It was with the guy I thought was a serial dater. I don't know if I still think of him that way. I don't know what to make of him, really, but I am interested to see him again if he wants. He is a vegan who is starting his own apothecary. Interesting. He asked for my phone number (we had only been communicating via the OkC.upid app) at the end of the date and wanted a couple of gropey hugs. So I would say he's into it. But who the hell knows? If I never hear from him again it won't be the first time someone's been like that with me and then disappeared. Men are a strange animal.

Back to CMB guy who "dumped" me because of the kids - I stumbled upon his OkC.upid profile last night. In this one he specifically writes that he does not want kids nor does he want to date anyone with kids. Which made me think two things - one, he's all mad at me for not having on my profile that I had kids; why the fuck didn't he write that he won't date anyone with kids? And, I'm discovering, someone who's that explicitly anti-kid is rare. Maybe more guys feel that way but don't write it out because they don't want to look like an asshole; but the fact that he's that adamant about it tells me he has issues. Not that we didn't already know this of course. So, yeah. Good luck, buddy.

So I am now double booked Sunday. A festival with one guy in the morning and then coffee with another in the afternoon. Snap.

This is all a lot of hard work, but thankfully I have experience with this stuff so I know what's required. You do have to make it a full time job. But it's all a lot easier with smart phones where you can pop on and message people and then get back to your life rather than sitting in front of a computer.

So far a couple of guys - one online and the guy tonight - have asked about the kids, do I share custody, etc - and I've told them the truth. I wasn't sure what men would think about the whole sperm donor thing, but so far they've found it fascinating. Both said they never knew anyone that did that before. Hopefully they are happy about the fact that there's no bitter divorce or psycho dad in my life (except for my own, of course). 

One of the first guys I "talked" to was this 50-year-old named Ken who kept asking me (via chat) when was the last time I was pampered and do I like back rubs, etc. I told him he was being creepy and he backed off, have not heard from him since. Can't blame a guy for trying, right?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Make it rain

It rained in LA today, which is almost unheard of for this time of year. Since Bobby was in school I took the opportunity to make it rain myself.

I broke the internet today. I worked those dating sites like nobody's business. Since I woke up with no messages from anyone and no prospects and no interest, I just got on the stick and messaged a million people. Almost none have (or will ever) write me back. But, I have a date Sunday and another one Tuesday and a third one in negotiation for some time next week. Snap!

The one Sunday is with a guy I spoke to on the phone yesterday. I didn't expect to hear from him again, but this morning he messaged that he wanted to meet me. He sounds like a very nice guy, very pro-children although he has none of his own. He does seem a little bland, though. But I am always happy to give nice guys a chance, and we're going to a festival I really wanted to go to and I'm happy I have a date for it.

Tuesday is with a guy who seems like a complete nutter - but we kept checking out each other's profiles and finally on a whim I just wrote to him: "I don't think we want the same things but I just feel compelled to tell you I think you're awesome." Again, I didn't expect to ever hear from him, but he immediately wrote me back saying he wanted to do the same with me but didn't think he was what I was looking for. We had a nice long chat and made a coffee date for Tuesday. Let's just say this guy is very unconventional. Yet I feel inexplicably drawn to him. I don't know if this is because a) he stands out in a sea of squares, b) he's just cute, c) I'm currently ovulating and therefore out of my mind, d) I am experiencing a serious lapse of judgment, or e) all of the above. But it's just a coffee date, what can the harm be? Right???

A third guy sounds just super amazing but takes a long time to respond to messages and I think is an old hand on these things and therefore is probably just one of these serial daters. I think he's probably the best of these guys but I get the distinct feeling he just wants to meet a ton of women and probably never settle on anyone. Jury's out.

In other news, Theo AKA Bébess is a fat, fat little squeezable butterball. I've been feeding him probably at least an avocado a day. Hopefully at his next checkup they will be pleased with his weight gain.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

0 for 3

Last night I was stalking CMB Guy's Twitter feed and was delighted he had mentioned he was meeting "a friend" for coffee Sunday night (me, of course), when the phone rang. My heart dropped. I knew if he was calling me that he had found out.

Yup. He googled me, found pictures of the kids, and doesn't want to see me anymore. Just like that. 

So, I learned something here. Just be upfront about the kids. Sure, you run the risk of attracting pedophiles as a friend warned me. But the much more likely scenario is this one - meeting someone you really like and really click with only to discover kids are an absolute deal breaker. Which to me is ridiculous. But I guess I have to understand some guys just feel that way and it's better to just never meet those guys. I was crushed and hurt and embarrassed. Then I had the fun of canceling the babysitter for Wednesday night I had hastily arranged. F...M...L.

So, let's recap, shall we? Wooed an old friend for five months only to have him shoot me down cold and in fact intimate that the very notion that we could ever date was absolutely ridiculous. Then met Craig's List Guy who was all over it for two weeks and then vanished. Now met Coffee Meets B.agel guy who was so smart and so funny and totally my type but who found out about my kids and told me he never wants to see me again (not as harsh as that, but that was the intent). Man, I'm on fire!

Spent the evening setting up profiles on Ok.cupid and POF mentioning the kids straight away and specifying I want to meet dads. It took all night and was exhausting. When I collapsed into bed at 1AM I had a raging headache and my head was spinning. 

The good news is, lots of guys are interested in me. And they know I have little kids and still want to meet me. One I texted with all day who said he'd call tonight when I can talk and another I've had a delightful exchange with. There are tons of others I haven't even had the chance to answer or reach out to. So many men, so little time. I was reluctant to put myself out there this openly; I kind of had to warm up to it. But now that I'm there it's really ok. I may never find a guy but at least it's entertainment for now and it's nice to know there are nice dads out there just looking for a kind, nurturing woman. 

My apologies if this blog takes a turn into dating land for a while. It's kind of the only interesting thing going on in my life unless you want to hear more about my refrigerator. I figure re-entering dating world is part of the single mom experience, so I can be a guinea pig for you gals who are thinking about it or aren't but would like to have a little shadenfreude in your day. Go for it!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The sinners are much more fun

For me life's events tend to have a soundtrack. My grandmother's death - The English Beat's "Can't Get Used to Losing You". Bobby's birth - the version of Frère Jacques used in the Target ad that played over and over in the hospital during my (endless) labor. Teddy's was that "if you ever need someone to hold you" song in the Subaru ad that played when he was born. 

Last night I met Coffee Meets B.agel Guy. I decided the soundtrack for this event is Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young". Why? I didn't know why at first until I really listened to the lyrics (yes, I bought this song. Shut up). It's an ode to teenaged lust; the story of a boy trying to convince his Catholic crush to give it up. Why this song fits a single mother of two meeting some random guy from a cheesy online dating app I'm not sure, but it does. I think we all want to feel that teenager-y feeling of lust for another person. We all want to feel young again. I've often wondered, are all the guys who told me they're "just not feeling it" for me being true to themselves and reaching for that teenager-y feeling, or are they delusional, immature idiots? Am I "settling" when I don't care that much about having those feelings, or am I being mature and realistic? Who the hell knows? Not me.

Anyway, I met this guy last night and we had a lovely three hour coffee date and I really enjoyed his company and thought he was cute enough. Not sure what he thought of me but he texted me this morning to have dinner Wednesday night. So, that's pretty awesome.

This is by far the best luck I've had with this internet crap. Met two people who actually wanted to see me more than once. I believe this is a record. Now I just have to figure out how/when to reveal the existence of the children. I'm thinking see if it goes past two dates. I think I've only gotten that far once or twice in the past; the odds are not with us. So I'm going to cross that road when I come to it. It's not fun keeping this from him, though. I didn't really have an answer to why I haven't dated in so long or what I do all day. Also when he walked me to my car I was terrified he'd see the car seats! Thank God he didn't. Ugh!

So in small world news, turns out he works on this comedy podcast that is frequented by the guy who broke my heart in high school. The fact that the two of them have been in the same room together and know each other is just too weird for words.