Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week in review

I spent much of the week driving around listening to loud, inane rock 'n roll I have zero emotional connection to, which confirms the fact that upon facing romantic rejection, I turn into a dude.

I'm actually glad Former Love Interest asked me to lunch last Monday to hash things out, because if not our group meeting Thursday would, in fact, have been super awkward. Instead it was fine, and now that we've crossed that threshold things can go back to normal and we can both forget any of this ever fucking happened.

Bobby's preschool teacher told me Friday on pickup that they want him only in underpants starting this week. FML. I could just say no, I suppose, but he's going to miss next month's opportunity to move up to the next class with his friends because of still being in diapers, and they don't want him to miss the next one in September. And in the end it's just my being lazy that is keeping him from learning.'s going to be a very messy week. I am kind of bummed. Life is about to get a lot more complicated. 

I had my second date with Craig's List Guy. I have to say...I feel kind of meh about it. We had a nice time but it was just like two buddies having dinner. No flirting, no sparks. I mean, I like this guy but he's giving me nothing to work with. At the end of the date he gave me a chaste closed-mouth kiss on the lips like an uncle. He has texted me ever since to see how I'm doing and tell me he had a nice time but no third date set yet. Would I go? Sure, why not? Not sure if I have unrealistic expectations or just am not feeling it. Is this how single parents date in their forties? At this point I no longer trust in my instincts about anything in this arena. So I'll just sit tight and see what happens.


  1. Fingers crossed that potty training goes better than you fear. That's awesome that daycare is taking the lead on it, anyway!

  2. Good luck with potty training. I hope it's easier than you anticipate.

  3. If you figure out a good potty training method, do let me know!! Jordyn is ready but not interested, and it's incredibly frustrating!

    Good luck with CLG... I hope you end up liking him!

  4. I feel your pain. Felix did great the first week (no accidents, pee and poo in potty). Then the novelty wore off and he started just letting it go wherever he was standing or sitting - car seat, new rug, flower bed. Ugh! But I followed regression advice of "don't go back to diapers" and within a week he was getting back on track. They just have to learn its their new normal and not optional. Good luck!