Sunday, May 31, 2015

This "dating" crap

Kind of screwed myself this weekend by not planning ahead and getting a babysitter for tonight when I could have gone out dancing, so instead was stuck at home on a Saturday night and Friday night with nothing to do. 

This is not uncommon for me. However, in light of the fact that I suddenly and inexplicably desire a man in my life, weekends like this pretty much suck.

The good news is I bought a very expensive, fancy refrigerator today (thank you, child tax credit) which will be delivered and installed in two weeks (?). It has an ice maker and water filter and a nifty drawer that will no doubt house the boys' birthday cakes from now on. I have never owned something so snazzy before and I am super excited about it. 

Then I took Bobby to this open house thing down at the sanitation plant where the kids got to sit in garbage trucks. He was all over that. Never underestimate the appeal of trucks, motorcycles, and construction equipment to boys (or men, I'm guessing). 

After I got the kids to bed I did somethung I've been longing to do for ages - actually used my long-neglected hot tub. Oh, I had to hack away at an overgrown palm plant with a saw to even get at the controls, and trim some bamboo to even get out my back door. That's how little time I spend in my back yard. But I cleaned up a lot while waiting for the hot tub to heat up, and had a look around at the million other projects that need to happen out there - tree trimming, weeding, moving things around, replacing all the furniture, etcetera. I did put in a call to a landscaper yesterday. With two houses on my block being rehabbed and several others having new owners in the past couple of years, I am afraid mine is "that house" on the block everyone wishes the owner would get their shit together for. So, get it together I shall (again, thank you, tax credit). 

With nothing else to do I spent the night researching online dating sites. Despite my one decent (ie, not scary) experience on Craig's List, it's pretty much still a sea of dick pics (other than the guy I met who still updates his ads every day on there). So, so much for that. The ones I'm thinking of trying are POF and OkC.upid. I know they're both pretty much the wild west but they are free (or near free) and extensive searches have shown a handful of decent looking single dads looking for single moms. More on POF, interestingly. Reviews say their whole setup sucks - but I kind of like the things people complain about the most; the fact that the site doesn't send you matches but you get to pick for yourself, how simple and clunky the interface is. I guess for someone who hasn't done this in over ten years it's more familiar to me; I like to just be able to put up a basic ad and people write to you, you write to them, end of story. No long quizzes or compatibility tests or any of that BS that in my experience are all a massive waste of time. Back in the day I used eharmony which makes you jump through a million hoops before you can meet anyone - and the people they matched me with couldn't have been more mis-matched for me. I never would have chosen any of those people. I did much better with the ones where I picked for myself.

Coffee Meets B.agel is ok but I've only had one match in over a week. Most of the people I pass on and the ones I like don't like me back (just like real life!). I do have a date with my one match tomorrow night, but I don't have high hopes. The man has never seen Rear Window, for crying out loud. (That's a joke. Kind of...)

So, anyway. I may try POF first and be prepared for the onslaught of the weird, the gross, and the inappropriate. *sigh*

If I want to up my chances from 0% to .000001% of ever meeting anyone, I guess this how you do it, huh?


  1. Oh wow, that hot tub looks heavenly!

    No good advice re: dating but props to you for putting it out there!

  2. Love the photo!

    Your mention of POF reminds me of this blog I use to follow of a girl who was wading through the online dating scene & would post about all the guys, good, bad & crazy, she encountered. It was hilarious!! I look forward to reading your experiences too! And I hope your mister right shows himself.