Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Potty Fail, Take 2

Another potty training disaster. After talking to B all weekend about how awesome it'll be to wear underpants starting Monday, and being met with enthusiasm...he flatly refused Monday morning and insisted on a diaper. Sigh. I brought a giant bag of pants, shoes and underpants and decided if school wanted him in underpants, they could fucking deal with it.

When I went to pick him up, he had been in underpants all day, with no accidents. This is largely because they walk the kids to the bathroom every hour on the hour. I panicked a bit when I realized he was not in a diaper and I had not brought anything to protect the car seat. They told me to take him to the bathroom before leaving...but of course he started screaming when I tried to walk him over there. So we got in the car and I white knuckled it home...thank God he did not wet the seat. But immediately upon entering the house he peed his pants. I cleaned up that mess, put on a new pair of underpants and shorts...and minutes later he took a huge crap. Then I had the fun of cleaning that up. You know what? I'm just going to let the school deal with this mess for now. If he keeps having good days at school we'll revisit. But until then I've scraped all the shit out of pants with my fingernails that I care to for the moment. 

I finally got back to focusing on work this week and it is a handful. I have about fifty plates spinning at the moment and have discovered a major scheduling glitch that there does not appear to be an answer for. The problem is my contests are getting huge and they are no longer fitting in the allotted time slots. Limiting participation means pissing people off; taking time away from the live music also means pissing people off. I don't have the slightest idea how to solve this. I sure wish my bank account reflected all this sudden enthusiasm.

Have not heard from Craig's List Guy since yesterday morning. But he also has not renewed his ads in two days when he normally does it every day which says to me he's been busy. Either that or he's just not that into me. Join the club!

Facing yet another 40-something birthday with zero plans, I decided to use my hotel points to book myself two nights at a fabulous luxury resort in Palm Springs. I'm going to use my sitter that will be taking care of the kids during my event. I haven't decided who to take with me yet. A man would be ideal but in the absence of that option I do have a nice coterie of single girlfriends who I think would be game. Oh man, do I need something fun to look forward to!


  1. Elsie potty-trained at day care LONG before she would at home. What worked for us was setting an egg timer every hour (like school) and when it went off she had to try. Then it wasn't a fight against me, it was the timer 'telling' her to go. And of course there were treats, lots of treats, when she did use the potty. And it was about another 6 months where she would wait until she had a diaper on at night to crap. :/

  2. I think you are making the right decision re the pooh scraping! BB still refuses to use the potty or toilet, at home and at nursery. He's almost 4! I do sometimes wonder if it will ever happen but I am assured it will. I think once he decides to do it, it will be easy. Whenever that may be.

    Sounds like you need more events. Can you limit the numbers competing through having two different types of ticket ?

  3. The timer worked for us too. We used the duck sound on my iPhone which made it a little fun too. Good luck tho, potty training is not easy & so very frustrating. Leaving it to the day care sounds like a fine idea.

    Hope things work out with your events...