Sunday, May 24, 2015


Bobby flew his first kite yesterday. Once again, I always underestimate this kid. I didn't think he'd be capable of running and holding on to something and getting the concept of flying a kite, but he did, and he loved it. I spontaneously met up with a friend at our favorite park and she bought the kite and her three year old. I felt bad because as I was watching Theo she got stuck minding my kid, her kid, and two other boys who came running along demanding turns and breaking things. When she as politely as possible told the other kids it was time to go back to their parents (this was after they followed her back to me and we were trying to set up lunch and they were all up in our business demanding things), the other mother copped a huge attitude. My friend felt terrible and guilty and I said, "fuck that, she was being a total cunt." Then she hugged me and thanked me for always saying what people think but don't want to say. You're welcome.

She expanded on a short text conversation we'd had some days ago in which she admitted to starting the process of ending her almost twenty year marriage. I don't know her husband well but it sounds like he's been really manipulative and cruel to her pretty much their entire relationship - gas lighting her, making her feel crazy, oh, and cheating on her twice with two of her friends. Good times. It makes me sad to think she's been suffering so much all this time but thought she was just "crazy" and he's such a great husband. How many people are in marriages like this right now???

...and yet here I am trying to grab some of that awesome lovin' for myself. Ugh! I texted Craig's List Guy a couple of times and he always answers but never actually wants to set a date. I'm going to leave it at this point since I've established I am in fact interested. Clearly he is not. So I guess even 5'4" guys feel like they can do better than me, huh?

I joined a site called Coffee Meets Ba.gel. It's for those of us who want to slow down the crazy process of online dating and only deal with one person at a time - so, your profile is only viewed by one person at a time, you can't be searched, or emailed, or approached at all unless you mutually like each other. You get sent a "match" once a day and you have 24 hours to respond before they expire. So far it's been fun, although no matches yet, and I hate that you can't specify if you have kids or if they should have kids - the idea of having to reveal this information later really doesn't appeal to me. But at this point I think the odds of even getting a date out of this are extremely slim, and you would think most guys looking to date a woman in her 40s would be prepared for the fact that she may have kids. Anyway, this site allows me to not have to expose myself with a public profile and avoid a slew of x-rated come-ons or insults, so it's about my speed for the moment. Also, it is fun to get a special guy delivered to you every day. I'm trying to be open minded and "like" just about everyone, because you just never know. But again I think the odds of even getting a match on here are pretty slim. I once did a speed dating thing in which out of over 30 people, only 7 were interested in seeing me again. Goes to show sometimes we overestimate our own appeal.


  1. Great pictures! Get one of those printed and hang it up somewhere. And good luck with the new site.

  2. Kite flying sounds like good times!

    That sounds like a very interesting dating site. I give you huge credit for putting yourself out there