Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter didn't suck this year

Just when I was feeling bad about not spending the last few weeks making cute little felt animals, baking coconut-topped Easter cupcakes, and weaving hand made personalized Easter baskets for both boys, I did manage to take us to a little public egg hunt down at our ghetto park and we actually had a great time. It was a far cry from the disorganized zoo of an Easter party I had the misfortune of attending last year.

What a difference a year makes! Bobby is such a different kid at just three instead of just two. He knows how to do things. I have to worry much less about him being trampled or pushed or falling off things. I hope this continues for the rest of our lives - that as the boys get older and more capable, things become more fun and easy. Yes, he got overstimulated and melted down a bit, but he's now capable of saying, "I need big hugs" and, once administered, he always completely turns around. I'm so glad he learned how to ask for what he really needs in those moments. I observed a dad telling his crying daughter to "get over it" and later calling his son "dummy". So I may not always win all the parenting awards, but I'm doing a better job than that guy. That guy sucks.


  1. It does get easier as they get older. Elena is much easier at 4 than she was at three...but I'm told that only last until about 12 then it gets really rough again :/

    B telling you what he needs is a huge hurdle in keeping the family peace...and you taught him that! Not all kids are, like the kids of Suckie Guy. So yeah, you're doing an awesome job!

  2. Easter is definitely much more fun for Sidekick this time around, also. Looks like Bobby had a great time.

  3. I agree with Tara, 4 (or close to 4 in our case) is even better than 3. And I am enjoying more and more of the things we do together. Elsie is able to tell me now what she wants to do and I can try to accommodate.

    It is also an important lesson to not kill ourselves with the details... While it can be fun to do crafts and cupcakes etc, it is until it isn't. And when it isn't, it is important to remember the goal is to enjoy ourselves, not the crafts. :) At least it is hard for me to remember fun is the goal as I often forget and focus on the event.

  4. Happy Easter! Glad you had a good one! :)