Monday, March 30, 2015

Mommy's Little Dividend

Finally had my tax appointment Saturday. Taxes are a lot easier to calculate when you never travel and never buy anything. If only we could deduct diapers, food, gas driving the kids around so they'll nap-! But it turns out I didn't need to deduct those things because thanks to now two child tax credits I'm getting a nice return. Awesome new refrigerator, you are in my sights!!!

My friend is visiting from New York and his excitement about LA is infectious. I really do love this place - mostly because there is so much of it to love. You forget how vast it is until seen from a Manhattanite's eyes. He is auditioning for agents and managers and just got signed so will probably be moving here in a few weeks. More friends = awesome.

Last night I saw the Scientology documentary on HBO and had a weird trigger-y reaction afterwards. I was not a Scientologist growing up but the similarities between that and my kooky religion cannot be ignored. It's kind of all the same thing, you know? The mind control, the need to cut off family if they don't believe, etc etc. Taking notes for my podcast debut!

I'm currently experiencing a little pre-menstrual self-loathing and self-doubt regarding The Love Interest. Sometimes I feel like, "how could this not work out?", but then others I feel like I'm crazy for even trying. What can possibly happen? He'll either turn me down flat or kind of go for it at first, get my hopes up, and then at about the six week mark start acting all cold and weird and finally after much prompting pull the ol' "we need to talk" thing. Either that or I'll get a post-it that says "I can't. I'm sorry. Don't hate me." If that happens, can I get caught smoking a joint with my three best friends on a wild night out? No? Dammit.

I do worry that based on my childhood issues I am just naturally attracted to emotionally unavailable men. But then I feel like in today's world all men are emotionally unavailable. The emotionally available ones are already in relationships. Right?

Anyway. I'm a gambler by nature and all I can do is try. If he shoots me down I just have to put my big girl pants on and take it. I pushed two human beings out of my vag, surely I can handle a little rejection.


  1. I'm right with you on the tax credit thing! Elena nets me quite a nice refund!

    As much as I would like to someday have a love interest, the emotional roller coaster is not something I look forward to. I use to place so much of my self worth in how my boyfriend of the moment thought of me. I'm afraid of ever ending up back to that

  2. Ugh! Dating! As if dating wasn't challenging enough (isn't that why we are SMC- haha!), once we have our kids, the same issues, feelings, fears, etc. are still there once we re-enter the dating world.

  3. Lucky you on the tax credits! I thought having a child would get me a better refund, but I don't qualify for most of the credits :-(

  4. Good point about pushing things out of your vag. I totally agree.

    And yeah, on The Love Interest, what's the worst that can happen? He ends up being Not That Into You. Big F'ing deal.

  5. PS Is Theo gorgeous or what??? Those eyes slay me.

  6. Love that last paragraph. You go, girl! I hope it works out for you.

  7. "I pushed two human beings out of my vag, surely I can handle a little rejection."

    LOVE this line!! I might have to steal it! I am impressed you are trying with love interest. You give me hope that someday I may break through my inertia in the dating arena!

  8. Think of it as your anthropological expedition into the land of dating so that you can bring us back some funny stories. Maybe that will take the pressure off! :)