Thursday, March 26, 2015

Busy news week

The two updates, as promised!

I met with the podcast guy yesterday. It was a great meeting. It's funny to meet people who you've been listening to or watching who are semi-famous because you feel like you know them, whereas you don't, and they don't know you at all. But he was very personable and fascinated by my story and we bonded over the whole narcissistic mother thing, as I knew we would. And we're going to record the podcast on April 26th! This doesn't mean it will air any time soon (or ever, actually), but for now it's a go. So.frigging.excited. I will absolutely post the link here if it ever goes to air. Just more of me bitching about my shitty parents and feeling sorry for myself, woo!

And then there's the date. Met the Love Interest for veggie pho today. And of course we had a great time and enjoyed each other's company. And then I took a huge dump in my front yard.


Let me explain. So my handyman hadn't returned my spare key and so I had to give today's babysitter my only key, and they went to the park, so when I got home I had a horrible diarrhea attack and just went in my yard because I couldn't get into my house. But I digress.

So we had a lovely time and enjoyed each other's company and as we parted ways with a hug I said I would love to have him over and cook for him some night, and gave him a sideways glance when I mentioned the kids are in bed early, and I think he got the vibe...? Anyway we made plans for that in two weeks when he returns from a trip. 

Still not 100% sure he's on board. But I think he's not 100% sure I'm on board, either. We at least progressed from awkward side hug to meaningful front hug with heads on shoulders. So that's something. I think these things just take time and you have to be patient. Either that or he's just not that into me. Who the hell knows?

The ladies in my book club last night confirmed that the "let him chase" thing does not apply to all people. One who's been happily married for almost two decades said she first asked her husband out and he turned her down. Imagine if she'd never tried again? Interesting. I definitely learned something new here.

And then I pooped in the yard. All righty then.


  1. OMG I'm dying over here! Did you at least have a privacy shrub?

  2. I've never pooped in my yard, but had to pee after being locked out. My sympathies!

  3. Lol!! When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    Glad the date went well! Hopefully you'll have many more updates for us!

  4. as i scrolled down, i thought the photo would be of the dump!

    great comedic timing.

    cant wait for updates on both!