Friday, February 20, 2015

The "date"

Today I had my "date". The question posed was, how do you get a friend to see you as more than a friend? The answer don't.

I was a ball of nerves all morning as you can imagine; I had been listening to Grace Jones' epic La Vie en Rose all week to get in the mood, and so decided to treat this awesome 6 foot Jamaican entertainer as my guardian angel for my date. She would help me get through and do what I needed to do.

We had a great time. Two hour lunch followed by ice cream at another location. But no sparks. Zip. 

I threw down some flirty comments - but he deflected masterfully. In retrospect it's possible my flirty comments could have been interpreted as chummy; but it doesn't matter since he was so clearly not interested. At least everything was kept friendly and normal and I didn't embarrass myself. I just felt out the vibe and the vibe said "stop". So I did.

The sad thing is he is way cooler and more interesting than I'd thought. He's actually kind of confident and sexy. And we get along great and have a lot in common. Sucks, right? I know!!! But what can you do?

I'm bummed but I'm glad I went through all that insanity and just went for it. At least now I know and can retire the idea and move on. And at the end he said, "let's do this again!" so I will call him for more daytime get togethers, because, why not? But no expectations.

Is love and romance for everyone except me? Boo.


  1. Sorry it doesn't feel like the feelings are mutual from your friend but at least it sounds like he is interested in hanging out as friends and it sounds like it would be fun to do so. You're a total catch but we gotta be honest with ourselves, it's going to be a slim percent of guys interested in dating a single mom with very young kids. I'm sure they are out there, but maybe hard to find. We dug our own holes on this one!

  2. "Is love and romance for everyone except me?" I have wondered this myself for decades. As much as I love the way my life is now, I still wonder if I'll ever experience real romantic love.