Friday, February 6, 2015

The bitch is back!

Well, hello, stranger! Guess who showed up yesterday after a long hiatus? Ms. Flow. This would explain a lot about my mad rages Tuesday.

It's funny how I'm kind of in denial about it. I've been bleeding heavily for 2 1/2 days and yet I keep telling myself, "it's just a little spotting." Nope, the lady is back. And I'm pretty sure I coughed out a dried-up egg two weeks ago when the jasmine was blooming.

This marks one of only two (or three?) periods I've had since May of 2011. I'm so out of practice with this stuff I kind of forgot how to count the days to the next one; I haven't bought tampons in so long all the packaging has changed and I don't know what's what anymore. I do plan to pick up a diva cup before the next one, though. I do not intend to buy tampons for the next ten years.

Bobby's system is back to normal as evidenced by the giant pile of poop that escaped his diaper into his pajamas last night. Man oh man is this a different kid when he's regular. When I went to pick him up at school yesterday another little girl had the same panic attack B did about pooping and the kind teacher came over and rubbed her back and told her to "just let it out." Who knew this was such a thing at this age? Afraid to poop? Pooping is like my favorite thing. 

Today at the store I loaded up on prunes and digestive biscuits. I'm taking this thing on with both guns blazing next time! In other news, Theo is enjoying his food more (thank God) and we had such a lovely time at the Farmer's Market yesterday that I'm really going to try to make a habit of it even though I can't afford to buy much there on a weekly basis. It's times like these with Bobby playing in the trees and the baby cooing on my back in the fading afternoon light that I start to feel like a half-way decent parent.


  1. Yuck to the bitch! I hate her.. Every 26dsys :/

  2. SO glad to hear things have been going better. Well, except for the bitch being back. So annoying. I wish you could just "flip a switch" and turn it off forever as soon as you're finished having babies. Serves no purpose for you now, but you still get to deal with it. Lovely, huh?

  3. You're much better than a halway decent parent, don't sell yourself short!

    I've found my PMS & emotional rages are 10x worse after pregnancy than before. I feel so out of control emotionally two or three days before & sometime right at ovulation too. Stupid hormones