Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Somebody stop me...

Hormones are wacky. Other than the times I conceived my two boys, I haven't had anything like a normal ovulation in over ten years. So this one - this one is killing me. I almost jumped on this hot dad when I went to pick up B from school today. A friend of mine and I were texting about my upcoming date and this poor guy who has no idea what he's walking into - "I just wanted some potato salad, I didn't want your crotch on my leg." Is this how men feel all the time? Like oversexed crazed honey badgers? How do they get anything done???

This has been the slowest week of my life. Yes, even slower than the various "two week wait"(s) I endured (at least those were post-ovulation!). The minutes have flown like hours. How the heck am I going to act nonchalant and casual on my date with all this going on? Let's hope that little eggie pops and dies before Friday. No, you're not being fertilized - move along, move along!

I stumbled upon my donor's pictures last night, which I hadn't looked at in years. I drew a deep breath as the pdf was loading and then gasped. It's funny how I remembered the older picture so differently...I don't think he really looks like either boy, to be honest, and looks a lot less like Theo than I'd thought. Of course I tend to be a bit protective of these boys and don't want to share them; it's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that they are half someone else (and a stranger to boot). But Theo's wide-set blue eyes and prominent forehead do not come from him, at least not directly. The pictures I have look to be at about two and maybe six? It will be interesting to see what the boys look like at that age. They change so fast. I might be surprised how much they end up resembling him.

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  1. What an adorable photo!!! Love me a baby in a kitchen sink!

    So sorry your date didn't work out as you had hoped. Had the hormones died down by then, at least?

    But I think it's awesome that you took the plunge. Definitely hang out with him again. And see this as putting your energy out into the universe! He was your warm up. Now that Theo is almost a year, you can hopefully start dancing again soon and maybe that will be another way to put out some leads?

    You are rockin' this, Mama!