Monday, February 16, 2015

It's all in my mind...

Somehow Bobby and I have gotten on a Love & Rockets kick (mid-80s "goth lite" band made out of former members of heavy goth band Bauhaus). I guess I was sick of rotating the same five Beatles songs and out of desperation went for one of the only full albums left on my phone after switching to the IPhone 6 (like many users I'm chagrined to discover most of the music on my old phone has evaporated), which was Love & Rockets' odd, moody tome Earth, Sun, Moon which I listened to on constant repeat when I was fifteen, walking across Manhattan in the freezing winter cold to school. Who knew thirty years later I would be driving around Los Angeles with my two children listening to it? Life is indeed strange. It's All In My Mind is one of my favorite songs of theirs (though not on this album). I have successfully gotten B to eat healthy macrobiotic dinners if I let him watch their "No New Tale to Tell" video on YouTube over and over. Future Goth kid in the making? 

So, yeah. I have a date. Texted The Love Interest yesterday to see when he was free and he wrote back immediately that he was free Fri so I gave him the time and place and he said "ink it!" So I have a sitter and we're on. I've had many thoughts about all this as you can imagine but I have spared you the worst of it and have confided in my journal instead. I mean, there's nothing to say really, other than how the heck do you make a man you've known as a friend for ages suddenly see you in a different light, especially if it turns out they don't want to see you, or anyone, in that light? I plan on turning on the charm and flirtatiousness to the best of my (rusty) ability and just see what happens. I wonder if he or our mutual friends have given any thought to this lunch we're having. Maybe, but maybe not. I'm pretty convinced most men, including my darling sons, have nothing in their heads but upside-down turtles waving their arms and legs feebly even on the best days.

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  1. I wish I could convince Elena to listen to my music! We did when she was younger but then my friend introduced her to Raffi & she was lost! Admittedly, I loved listening to it at first as it brought back so many awesome childhood memories...but was glad when she went off it, only to turn to the Frozen soundtrack which again, I loved at first but after hearing it repeatedly ad nauseam...

    Good luck on the date! I want the details!! Okay maybe not all the details but do share some for those of us living vicariously!!