Monday, February 23, 2015

Dressing up & afterthoughts

I'm so glad I have a friend who insists on taking tons of pictures of us every time we're out somewhere. Saturday I went to a vintage event - a re-enactment of an air raid in SoCal in 1942 - so I put on my best duds and joined in the fun. Other than singing I never get to wear my vast store of vintage clothes (they are not practical for dancing) and these types of events are very rare, so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. And it was early in the day so for once the sitter got to do dinner/bedtime which meant for once I did not. 

My friend, a single gal in her 50s, and I grabbed dinner after. I told her about my "date" experience. I was sort of reluctant to mention it because at that point I wanted to just forget about it, but she actually made some good points. One was she said that as the youngest in our families we tend to take on "the baby" role in social situations; that we tend to get chummy with guys and want them to punch us in the arm rather than make a pass at us. She also said she doesn't believe I should entirely give up hope but instead just take the time to get to know this guy. I asked her if she was ever able to turn a long term friendship into something more, and she said yes, and that it was great.

My sister said as much on the phone today - that clearly this guy wants to get together again, so why not just proceed as friends and see if anything develops? 

Upon reflection it does seem a little weird to have expected so much from one date that wasn't even a date - I mean, really, if he had confessed his undying love for me after a two hour lunch, wouldn't that have been kind of weird and creepy? Now that my hormones have settled I can see everything a lot more clearly. We have all the time in the world - neither of us are going anywhere, and I've already had my kids. What's all the rush? 

So as we talked about, I'll see if he wants to meet us at Thursday's farmer's market that he can walk to, and if not, no big deal. Isn't the luteal phase great? I feel like a normal, rational human being. I know women get really mad when men say women can't run the world because of their crazy mood swings...but sometimes I wonder!


  1. You look great! Keep us posted..

  2. You look right out of a movie! As for the guy, a great friend is better than nothing.

  3. I would go for a more romance-prone outing next time. Something in the evening with a glass of wine involved? He may have a hard time picturing himself outside the friend zone after this long, and the right setting could make it happen.