Friday, February 13, 2015

11 months & stuff

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. After a couple days' respite we had four miserable days of no poop around here and it was awful...I was just about to call the Kaiser nurse advice line when I finally managed to get B to poop in the potty while it was perched in the bathtub and I was holding his hand. The following day we did the same. We've been all good for a couple of days now. Whew. It's such a relief to not have a child screaming and crying all day, nor being on the edge of your seat (bed?) all night listening for the inevitable crying to start so you can go in and comfort him, nor enduring the disappointment of yet another empty diaper in the morning. We're out of the woods for the moment. If nothing else this will seriously kick my butt into gear as far as making sure this kid eats a better diet.

Theo is eleven months old today. This means I was eight months pregnant this time last year, full of anxiety over what was going to happen in the last few weeks. So glad that's all over with and I can be in the moment this year! I wrote a bit in my private journal today which I hadn't touched since March 11 of last year. To catch up, I started today's entry with "the day after the last entry I went into labor. Baby was born on the 13th and everything has been fine since." Way to sum up a year, huh?

I saw The Love Interest at this monthly meeting we attend last night. We chatted about his getting used to the new neighborhood. As we were all saying goodbye I took a deep breath and said, "what are you up to next week?" And he said, "having lunch with you!" So I said I'd text him, and some jokes were passed around that he would show up at my house and I'd ask him to babysit my kids while I went to lunch with someone else (apparently he's the go-to babysitter in our group of friends). Oh, if they only knew (rubs hands together with glee). So maybe next week I'll go on an actual "date" (at least in my mind).


  1. He's just the cutest little nugget!

    And YAY on your bravery! And on a date! You better report back every little detail! Love the joking about him babysitting. Makes me think you guys are on the same page.

  2. You are so brave for asking out that guy!! Good for you!