Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spoke too soon...

I was all proud of us for having survived the holidays with no puking episodes while all around us friends were falling victim to the yearly stomach bug. Proud, like not being sick (yet) is some kind of accomplishment (knowing my past with this stuff that would make sense to you). Well, had Bobby all dressed up and ready to go to school and BAM all over the carpet (why is it always the one tiny stretch of carpet? Why???). Which probably explains why he was upset the night before and definitely why he's been off his food for days and days and was exceptionally clingy that morning. Gah.

Cleaned the poor kid up and set to scrubbing the carpet (and I of course have no appropriate cleaning supplies for this kind of job) and then had a flurry of phone calls and texts to cancel everything that was supposed to happen that day. And here we were, after surviving all those days with nothing to do...now stuck yet again with no school and nothing to do until Wednesday. I kind of wanted to kill myself.

Still, made the best of it. I tried to get B into bed but of course he wouldn't, so I figured I would take us out to our filthy back yard where at least if he threw up again I could just hose us all down. But he seemed to rally and just wanted to eat and eat. I was leery of getting in the car (I just don't know what I'd do if he threw up in the car...again, killing myself comes to mind) so I busted out the umbrella stroller and figured we could walk down to the ghetto park in our neighborhood which was the mainstay when my sister was here and I was having Theo.

Surprisingly it turned out to be a fun day. I met a nice lady with a little girl and we exchanged numbers for future play dates, and the weather was spectacular and it was great to be out and about. B was perfectly fine although not so much into lunch or dinner. Last night was rough - baby woke up a lot (never happens) and Bobby woke up crying several times too - not knowing if he was sick again I kept visiting him which normally I don't unless he sounds really distressed. I feel like I didn't sleep at all. Considering how rarely this happens, though, I'll stop complaining.

The worst part is I am also sick, kind of. I've been off my food for at least a week, also, and yesterday started to feel really nauseated. I remembered my friend had brought over these little white pills called nux vomica back last spring when I had that weird vomiting episode and it stopped it in its tracks; I took them again and felt well enough to have dinner. Today I felt like crap periodically but just kept placing these pills under my tongue and some time later would notice I didn't feel like hurling anymore. I am nearly out but will buy more tomorrow. Does it actually work or am I just imagining things??? Is it the placebo effect? I'm extremely skeptical about homeopathic remedies but I have to say...if somehow these little pills can prevent me and/or the kids from enduring this (apparently) yearly torture of constant projectile vomiting, I'm stocking the eff up!


  1. Sorry you've been sick. I do not deal well with vomit, mine or Elena's & thankfully have only had a couple episodes with E. I'd never heard of nux vomica...definitely something to look into. Is it safe for the kiddos too?

  2. Stomach bugs are the worst!

    And whenever I am nauseous (or recovering from nausea), I wonder if I am imagining things. I wonder why that malady lends itself to that sort of questioning. I don't do that with pain!

    Hope you are all on the mend!