Friday, January 16, 2015

Operation Baby in the Attic

So Theo sleeping in the attic is pretty much the best thing ever. First night he went right to sleep and slept all night. Last night he fussed a bit but still ended up doing well all night after about 20 minutes. I still have some concerns about temperature control up there and still have anxiety because it just feels weird to have my baby on a whole different floor than me, but it is so frigging awesome to be back in my bedroom!

Today I folded up the ol' Port-A-Crib and moved the pack 'n play that had stood useless in the dining room into the bedroom; I find I need a place to set the baby down in the bedroom a lot more often (morning routine, etc). My dining room now looks huge. I am going to attempt to sell the vintage buggy and Port-A-Crib to anyone crazy enough to use toxic vintage baby devices like me. This may prove to be quite difficult.

I'm a bit sad to part with the crib. I put two babies to bed there hundreds of times. I would love to hang onto it, but...for what? There will be no more babies, and I doubt my (possible) grandchildren would want to be in said toxic vintage baby devices. I have a million pictures of it. That should be enough to keep the memory of it, right?

I am already sleeping much better in my own bed. It's so great not to have to tiptoe around the house at night anymore. But one major problem is with the baby monitor on I can't listen to podcasts on my phone to go to sleep (something I've done for many years) or use the Roku box to watch anything interesting on TV. It sucks but I don't know what solution there is since I can't turn the monitor off without causing myself major anxiety (what if there's a fire up there? A carbon monoxide leak? A spider? A rat on the loose?). Maybe I can download the podcasts during the day to listen to later...? I'll have to look into it. Or just get in the habit of going to sleep in silence ((shudder)).

Today I put a down payment on a birthday venue for B & T's combo birthday party which will be March 22. Bring it, Pinterest!!!


  1. It's too bad you couldn't repurpose the crib into something you could keep. I just couldn't part with our nursing pillow & now Elena actually like to sleep with it as her pillow. I'm comforted to still have it yet not have it taken up storage space.

  2. Congrats on better sleep!!! That's a game changer.

    I'm a fan of getting rid of things. The sooner, the better. All that space will be so nice.