Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New stages

As often happens, I rather spontaneously decided to move Theo to the attic to sleep tonight. I was going to wait until Friday night when we won't have a nighttime sitter for a few days, but I got the room set up in advance today and thought, what the heck? Now's as good a time as any. I set up the pack 'n play that Bobby spent much of his second year in, moved the baby monitor up there, cleaned up all the toys, removed any potential hazards, and took a deep breath and put him to bed when we all came back from B's school.

He went right to sleep. I miss this age where transitions like this were so simple! Bobby gets so upset over every little thing - God forbid you use the wrong towel, cup, pair of socks, etc - here I take this baby and put him in an entirely different crib in a different room and he doesn't even care. Babies are so easy. *sigh*

I have minor anxiety about the possibility of a fire or a carbon monoxide leak or's not easy to get up there to him if something did happen...but the room has been in place for two years, my sister and babysitter have spent many nights up there with no problems. Temperature regulation may be an issue; at least I have the new A/C unit for summer. 

Already I'm sensing the benefits. B and I can stomp around a bit more after T goes to bed; I can do laundry after hours and actually put everything away; I can get dressed to go out without worrying about waking him up; and best of all I can sleep in my own freaking bed again! Alone in the room! The last time I did that was March 11, 2014.

I also set up this clip-on baby seat on the kitchen table in an effort to have us all have meals together for once. I have now had two breakfasts with both boys at the same time. It's not fun for me. But I can't just leave T screaming in the bedroom forever, and it's time for him to learn to self feed a bit; he's getting the hang of baby crackers but the poofs he can't quite manage yet. So mainly it's me with one hand feeding T and one feeding B (yes, he has of course decided I must feed him like a baby again...ughhh) and my breakfast going cold right under my nose because I don't have a third hand to feed myself. I still have to have lunch out and stagger our dinners because I just can't manage that level of multi-tasking three times a day. 

Still, I'm excited for the new changes. If it works out, T should be good up there until he and B can share a room (that's going to be a while) and this meal setup should last for at least another year. Here we go!


  1. I have to feed Elena most of her meals. I am told by all her other care givers that she eats just fine on her own...but with me? No. I know its attention seeking thing & I probably shouldn't indulge her but it makes meal time more peaceful & I need that after a long day at work & since we only get to share 1 meal together.

    Here's to better sleep for you! What a difference it will make in all other areas of parenting to be more rested.

  2. I think it was really smart to include Theo in your meals. And to move him to the attic.

    I wish I had an extra room for Tree Leaf!

    Hopefully as Theo starts to feed himself, Bumpus will cut down on his requests for you to feed him. C never really ate purees or any other food. And then at a year she suddenly started to feed herself things like toast crusts. So I would do what's easy for you as far as feeding right now. Soon enough he will have the dexterity to feed himself, whether you push solids or not.

    He sure is cute in that little red seat!