Sunday, January 4, 2015

Looks like we made it

I was in major dread of the last few days with no school and minimal plans - which all ended up getting canceled due to other's illnesses ('tis the season). But we got through it. I took us on a hike in Malibu. We played in the attic. We walked the Silverlake reservoir with the crappy old stroller which hardly steers anymore. We drove around a lot. Bobby watched the PBS Kids app on the Roku while I fed and tended to the baby. Bobby learned lots of new Beatles songs thanks to YouTube - Get Back is his current favorite, followed by Hey Jude because he likes when Paul starts yelling at the end. Last night he had a bit of a freak out after I put him to bed - I went in three times to comfort him but he kept yelling, "I need a hug! I need a hug!" Finally I went in and just lay down with him for a while because I could tell he was really distressed about something. I think he got scared by this thing in a Cat in the Hat episode where the characters got stuck in some nectar - he was screaming and crying and I had to turn it off and convince him they were ok and they got out safely. And I saw The Shining when I was eight. How's that for generational differences?


  1. Glad you made it through. Elena is all of a sudden very fearful of some TV shows, bursting into tears because she's "too scared" as she puts it.

  2. Jordyn was scared of shadows tonight! It's amazing what they're fearful of, and what they love; it really doesn't make much sense. I'm glad you guys survived your days of nothing to do. Those can be really tough.