Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rainy days

I'm on a bit of a high right now because I survived our first rainy day with nothing to do. I was dreading it for days but it all worked out. I got us out to the mall and used the free play space which we hadn't been to in a long while - no big kids, thank God, and they had removed the stupid coin operated cars that Bobby used to jump in regardless of if another parent had paid for their kid to ride in it. Bobby played too rough with some of the other boys but I was all over him, not taking my eyes off of him for a second, and just handled our business. A stay-at-home-dad said he didn't know how I did it and bowed to me. Score. 

Some days I am just all in. And others I can't deal. Thankfully despite a bad head cold that's kept me up and miserable breathing through my mouth the last three nights, today I was all in. Parenting kids this age takes a ridiculous amount of energy and creativity. I've had a bit of a shock having to re-adjust back to the days of keeping the boys separated at all times, but it can, and must, be done. The hardest is the mornings, but I just have to go back to the days of leaving the baby screaming in a room while I tend to B. It sucks but it's better than peeking into Bobby's room to catch him beating his brother's ass and freaking out.

I announced all the details of next year's event last night to nothing but accolades. I love to see the customers' delight and excitement when they see who I've hired and what the event is going to look like. Short of a few tweaks to my online registration form, we're pretty much set until registration open Feb 1st. 

I officially have $3000 to survive on until then. God help me.

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  1. Yeah you for a rainy day win!! & for event accolades!