Sunday, November 23, 2014

Whatever gets you through the night

My voyage on the living room couch continues. T has been sleeping twelve hours straight for weeks now, other than the occasional coughing fit. One night last week it was so bad I went in and nursed him, then busted out the nose frida to clear his runny nose, then set up the humidifier. We have all had this cold for what seems like forever, with Theo having it the worst. I keep panicking and googling his symptoms to see if I'm being neglectful in not taking him to the doctor (remember I have zero experience with this) but everything I read tells me he's fine and it's just a cold. All of our noses run every day all day - which says to me we're all allergic to something in or around this house. I don't do anything about it because I have no intention of putting a two year old through an allergy panel just to be told it's something in the air that I could medicate him daily for, which I won't do. I mean, it's annoying but it's just a runny nose. 

So I'm still on the couch even though at this point I don't think T would wake up and see me there and want to be picked up. I haven't decided about moving back into my room. One, I kind of like being sentinel out in the front room - if anyone tries to break in the front door they'd have to deal with me and my mace first before getting to the kids. Two, I get the fireplace and the TV and the ability to listen to podcasts on my phone to go to sleep. Three, T still wakes up way too early for me so I can sleep an hour or two later while he hangs out in the crib (sometimes happily, sometimes not so happily). I can't say that I am getting a full night's sleep although I am probably getting more sleep than I give myself credit for. I still wake up a lot. Call it hormones, anxiety about being away from the baby or anything else going on, or just the weirdness of being in the living room on the couch, but lengthy stretches of sleep still elude me. Is it better than being the open all night milk bar? Heck yeah. 

Last night I had a horrible nightmare that I had a maxed-out credit card (I actually pay my bill in full every month and have for years - I'm what the credit industry calls a "deadbeat" because they can't make any money off me, ha!) and a maxed-out line of credit, and my event lost a couple hundred attendees because of my price hike. Oh, it was awful! And it felt so real because this was my exact scenario in 2001 when I was paying over $1200 a month just to keep up with the minimum payments on all my debts. It sucked. And yet that same year I was somehow able to buy this house with no money down, and a few years later experience a real boom for my event that back then looked like it was on its last legs at only four years old.

You just never know what the future holds. Let's hope it's something good, for all of us!


  1. Awwww... great picture! I have so few pictures of me and Sidekick and it really bums me out. If T is sleeping so well, why not move him to his room so you can have your room back?

    1. He doesn't have a room - he would go in with his brother and I can't leave them alone together yet

    2. Great pic. That's my general life philosophy. My kid has NEVER slept 12 hrs (and actually at this point rarely sleeps more than 11 hrs in a day total). If he goes 8 before waking once, it's an exceptional night.

      But separating your sleep issues from his sleep issues, more power to you! Glad the system is working for him, at least~

  2. I pay my card off monthly too & they are always trying to increase my limit. No thank you bank, I don't need a $32,000 credit limit!!! Money nightmares are awful! But I always console myself that if I've dream, at least that means I've slept.

    Gorgeous photo, a definite framer!

  3. Discover cancelled my credit card because although I used it often, I never carried a balance. Good riddance! I also had creative sleeping arrangements when I had a baby and toddler. I remember those times well -- it's all about what works!