Thursday, November 20, 2014

The secret of how to get toddlers to eat apparently douse everything with ketchup. The last couple of nights B has positively cleaned his plate - a big plate with veggie meatballs, mini popovers I baked, and bought spinach bites - and I'm pretty sure it was because of the ketchup I added as an afterthought. A quick Facebook post on the topic confirms that apparently everyone knows this trick except me. I'm not much of a condiment person (I'm pretty sure this ketchup is from the first Obama administration) so I find this a bit baffling. But hey - if that's what it takes to get B to eat real food and not just yogurt for dinner, bring it on.

Oh, and here is B's first school picture! Ain't he just the cutest?


  1. Elena use to only eat food if it was in yogurt!! Imagine chicken & strawberry yogurt!!! Disgusting...thankfully she's moved away from that. Elena likes ketchup too, or some flavoured BBQ sauces. My mom would call it dippy-do so now she'll even heat turkey & gravy if I call the gravy dippy-do!

  2. That picture is fantastic!!!

    And... yes, to the ketchup. Or other "dip" as Jordyn often calls it. She'll dip in BBQ sauce, salad dressing, gravy, etc. Just the act of dipping makes food more fun, it seems. Glad B is doing better in the eating department.