Monday, November 3, 2014


Despite dire predictions, Halloween was actually kind of fun. I hauled our butts out of bed early for B's school Halloween parade, and I'm glad I did. Even though B was pretty subdued (nearly all of the kids were - I think they didn't quite grasp the concept), I would have felt awful if we skipped it just because I didn't want to get up early. They marched the kids around in a circle and then had snacks. Apparently there was a snack sign up sheet I totally missed. Oops.

Killed time while B was at school and then headed to a friend's house for a small party and trick or treating in their (far nicer) neighborhood. This seems to be an LA thing - leave your shit-ass neighborhood to descend upon one where people pay 4x the property taxes for the privilege of giving your kids candy. Somehow I managed to keep B in the stroller while the other, older kids ran up to the houses. I just couldn't handle a crying baby and a two-year-old on the loose in the dark with hoards of people milling around. It was exhausting pushing the recalcitrant double stroller uphill and carrying the baby in the rain, but B was having such a good time, and I was enjoying his enjoyment so much, that it was really ok. Got home by nine, kids in bed, feet up in front of the telly, nice cuppa. Not bad. 

Got the terrible news that a fellow swing promoter I've known some 20-odd years fell asleep at the wheel and died Thursday night. Funeral Sunday. The whole community is in shock and sad. 

I've taken to sleeping on the couch all night with the baby monitor on to see what T does. When I sleep in the bed next to him he wakes up and stands up every hour or two until I pick him up. That had to stop. Not surprisingly, after three nights in the couch last night he only woke up once. My goal is to have him not wake up at all and make my way back to the bed eventually. I wish I could say I am getting better sleep, but it has not happened yet. Out of habit I pop awake every couple of hours, and now with the &@$! time change we're all awake at 6 AM (!). Hopefully this will change back soon! We were on a really nice late schedule there for a while. If I can just get the sleep all night/sleep in thing together, I'll be golden.

Today I decided to join a Y so I can get back to yoga. Family plans are fairly cheap and free child care! I think returning to yoga could do a lot for my shitty attitude lately. I need to get my zen on.


  1. I think free childcare will do a lot for attitude, too, right? :) sorry to hear about your colleague.

  2. Halloween - it's a weird combination between great and awful, isn't it?

    The boys are getting so big! Love that picture.

  3. T looks different all of a sudden! Getting that little boy look...the Y is a brilliant idea. Yoga will definitely help you get your zen. Plus their kids programs are supposed to be pretty good.

  4. what a cute photo!

    i had to sleep on the couch for a bit when C and I shared a room. I think she mostly didn't revert back when I moved back in.

    Could you put the boys in Bobby's room together?

    1. I would love to have them in the room together but I can't trust B with him yet. He still does stuff like bury him under blankets and bonk him on the head thinking they're playing. I'll feel better once T can walk and (hopefully) defend himself against his brother's enthusiasm!

  5. The sleep thing is so difficult, especially, in my case, with the second. Thank goodness they are so cute and make us smile even when we are extremely sleep deprived.