Monday, November 10, 2014

Battening the hatches

After posting last night I got notified of a post on my neighborhood FB group about more break-ins - then joined a website called Next Door where you are connected to neighbors talking about community stuff, and yes, we are experiencing a bit of a crime wave around here. This is what happens when you vote to release non-violent criminals early from prison, people. I called the cops and they said they have seen an uptick in burglaries and other petty crimes, and that a recent bill passing has caused a flood of criminals back on our streets. Awesome.

At least the officer told me they have stepped up patrols and are very aware of the situation, so that made me feel better. And after two weeks of being given the runaround by various companies I finally got a guy over to start my replacement bars and (at my sister's suggestion) a new, more intimidating front gate. There will be a lock on it and I won't hesitate to use it if I ever feel uncomfortable - I wish I could keep it locked all the time but with a pool guy, gardener, mailman, and utility guys coming to check the meter, it's not really practical. But at night to keep random solicitors off my porch? Absolutely.

For those who have asked I do have an alarm, with a big sign, and the alarm is on all the time, even when I'm home. I couldn't live without it! At least I know if I'm out and a door is compromised that I'll get a phone call, or if someone has opened a door the keypad will show me that something's not right. Which is all the more irritating that that guy had the balls to come up to my house with bars on all the windows and a big alarm sign. Seriously, go pick on someone else!

But for now I feel a bit better. I'm doing all I can do to secure our home, and I have awesome gay neighbors who will kick anyone's ass, so I really have nothing to worry about until there's something to worry about. I sleep with my new mace next to my pillow and won't hesitate to spray a bitch. 

Right now Bumpus is in his bed in his dark bedroom saying "penis!" over and over again. Life goes on, huh?


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better. It sucks to feel so vulnerable. And I'm glad the cops are aware of the situation, and "on it", at least somewhat.

    Love the last paragraph. :)

  2. P@nis!!!

    Good for you for getting new bars and checking in with police. Sounds so scary but you can trust you've done all you can.

    are you sleeping any better?

    1. Sleep is still not great even though baby is now sleeping 7-7. I guess I'm still in hyper vigilance mode.

  3. You sound very secure...well as secure as you can be. Glad you've taken such great steps