Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Takin' care of business

Despite having zero plans, we had a nice day today. I can't say I know why things are suddenly better for us. Is it me? Is it a hormonal thing? Is it Bobby suddenly behaving better and so I'm happier? Is Mercury no longer in retrograde? Who knows. All I know is whatever desperation and depression I felt a couple of weeks ago is gone. B still has irrational freak outs much of the time, but somehow I seem better able to handle it. Maybe it is the promise of three days "to myself" thanks to three day preschool that has in fact made a difference.

Theo is keeping me up all night. He is practicing standing, crawling, sitting, and rolling all night long, accompanied by triumphant squawking. For some time now I've been tiptoeing out to the living room couch early in the morning in order to catch a few more minutes' sleep, but now I'm considering absconding to the attic all night just to see if my presence is waking him. It's possible, but the fact that he wakes up even when a sitter is here tells me that may not be the case. Maybe once he gets past this milestone the sleep will get better...?

I sent out my "hire" email to next year's teachers (mostly this year's teachers). Not surprisingly most of them want more money. Yet another reason to raise my prices, if I didn't have enough reason already (read: my empty bank account). I am determined to not dilly dally about getting my event set up this year - last year I really blew it waiting too long to hire people. I want at least my offers out there so I can start piecing things together and getting a picture of what my eighteenth event is going to look like. 


  1. I think it's definitely the Mercury thing, ha! I wonder the same thing though...some weeks I feel completely on my game & able to deal with E's antics & others I am a mess. Glad things are going well now...hope it lasts!

  2. Whether or not YOU are keeping Theo up, it certainly sounds like HE is keeping YOU up! So an experiment with sleeping in attic sounds pretty smart to me!