Monday, October 27, 2014

SMC nightmares, part 2

Bad vibes, bad vibes!!! The torment continues. So after getting B to school today I spent the day working on securing things around here - got LifeLock for identity theft (always a worry of mine), ordered mace (thanks for the suggestion!), and made a call about getting the kind of crappy window bars on my dining room window replaced with something more substantial. Then when I went to pick up B at 5:30, just as I got on the freeway, we got a flat tire. 

No problem, right? Call the KIA roadside assistance or AAA and get it fixed, right? Wrong. My car did not come with a donut or a spare. Stupid me, I assumed the KIA assistance would bring a tire, put it on, bada boom bada bing. Nope. They could only tow me to a dealer...and at this point the service departments of all the dealers were closed. And I have two little kids in the car, how are we going to be towed? Nobody, not the KIA assistance people, the dealer, nor AAA had an answer for this problem. So it's dark, it's getting cold, Bobby hasn't eaten anything but school snacks since breakfast, and the baby is screaming, and I am completely stranded with no way to get home. I was just about to throw up my hands and call the police when I figured I could start working my way through my contacts to see if anyone could pick us up that either had car seats or that I could install car seats for. Thank God my old friend Mom Guru just happened to be home and available - she came to get us while we had AAA tow my car the six miles to my house, then tomorrow her husband will come over to fix the flat with a new tire (and bring another spare!!!).

Finally got everyone into bed at 9, hours after their normal bedtime. I am exhausted and pissed off and emotionally drained. Yet another situation where you think you're doing the right thing to protect yourself and your family from potential disaster, and yet you can never do enough, and the things you do end up not working. So frustrating!!! 

I need a fucking vacation.


  1. Oh god! What a nightmare! Glad you all made it home safe & thank god for great friends!

  2. Shit, total nightmare. But YOU GOT THROUGH IT. You and the boys are fine. Keep doing what you can to add security to your life but also give yourself a big pat on the back (and maybe a shot of whiskey) for being amazing. And oh how I love friends who loan out their husbands! Hang in there.

  3. That sounds awful, but it sounds like you did everything exactly right. You have awesome coping skills. And just think, you could've gotten the flat on the way to the daycare pickup - that would have sucked even more! Good luck getting the tire fixed.