Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I've got the words, I've got the tune

So last night I entrusted a new sitter with the day-into-night care of both kids while I drove up to UC Santa Barbara to play an awards dinner. It was nerve wracking because I've never used her before nor do I typically leave the kids unless they're already in bed asleep and don't even know I'm gone...but in an effort to start building towards my future freedom, I need to let some of that "but I'm the only one who can make Bobby dinner!"-control-y stuff go. And of course everything went fine. The kitchen table was greasy and Bobby was sleeping with the light on and came bounding into my room first thing this morning because his door was unlocked, but hey - I think I can say I've found an excellent candidate for future all-weekend sitter.

I have finally used up all the milk I pumped for my event six weeks ago, which means I am chained to the pump again every time I need to go out. If this pump weren't on loan I would burn it in effigy once all this is over. Spring can't come soon enough. Once everyone is outside my body and off the boob I plan on doing yet another thing I swore I'd never do which is get a tattoo commemorating the fact. Long term readers of this blog will get the connection when you see it. 

I am beginning to think my very presence at night is waking young Theo every couple of hours. Our sleep is horrible. If it weren't for the couple of hours in the late morning when I plunk him in his playpen full of toys in the living room while I go back to bed I would be a basket case. I am plotting to take up residence on the day bed in the attic space for the foreseeable future. There is nowhere else T can sleep (I wouldn't put him up there due to fall hazards), so I'm curious if I slept elsewhere for a while if he'd stop constantly waking. Possible? I don't know, it's just a theory. I've been super wishy-washy about this whole sleep thing mostly because every time I think I need to do something dramatic, suddenly we have a few good nights...only to have a bunch of awful nights follow. So I may try sleeping upstairs. Or not. 

Here is a pic of Theo charming the pants off a dance friend in her mid-nineties today:

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  1. Glad the new sitter worked well. I can't wait to see your tattoo...I recently had one done to honour E.