Saturday, September 13, 2014

Six months and a glimpse of the future

Today I went to a craft fair at my sons' future elementary school in hopes of getting a little preview of the place, which I've hiked by a million times but never actually entered. It was bizarre to be at this place that will one day factor hugely into all of our lives - if things go the way I want, we'll still be in this neighborhood in ten-fifteen years and both boys will attend this highly rated public school. With all my free time (and afore-mentioned predilection towards getting involved in things and taking over) it's highly likely that I'll get involved in the PTA and whatever else needs volunteers. So to say that today was the first of many times I will enter that school's grounds is an understatement.

Typical of my hipster east LA enclave, there were many booths set up selling things that involved the words "sourced", "local", "organic", "urban", etc, which always makes me chuckle. Yet at the same time whenever I start to think things like that are so pretentious and stupid, I have to ask myself - where would you rather go eat, one of these hipster places with organic, locally sourced awesome clean food, or frickin' TGI Friday's? I'll take the hipster place. So who's pretentious now?

I saw lots of glowy new parents with their ironic mustaches and jump suits and ankle boots and knit caps on this blistering triple degree day doing the same thing I was doing - checking the place out and sussing out the other parents of similar-aged kids. Yes, strangers, our fates may soon entwine. It's true.

I joined some kind of booster society for the school and also a neighborhood organization that I really should have joined ages ago. I'm hoping all of these things will a) give me more to do in my lengthy down time and b) help me get more involved in my neighborhood. I bet there's tons of cool stuff out there I know nothing about. So, bring it on!

Went to the 10th anniversary party of the Pasadena Smc group. It was great to see people from my group with their new babies and pregnancies. Our little thinker/trier group is moving on to being a mommy group. Kind of cool.


  1. 6 months already. Wow! And how fun to have a 10 yr anniversary with your group!

  2. I think it's very smart of you to get involved in your potential elementary school...I would never have thought of doing that. Love your plans to take over!