Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mommy's Little Dividend

We survived a birthday party in Santa Barbara today, and actually had a nice time. Bumpus experienced his first piñata and behaved pretty well, probably because there were no toys to fight over! The only downside was it was wicked hot. I used to love summers, the hotter the better. Now I hate them - it just makes life with little kids that much harder (as does extreme cold which thankfully we don't have here). Theo was roasting in his carrier but wouldn't be put down, either - so I had my usual juggling act of holding baby and chasing toddler. I complain about this now but I live in dread of the day I'm chasing two toddlers. Ahhhhh!

Asked a friend of mine with two boys and about to have a third baby if they wanted to know the sex in advance - she said with much disappointment that it was going to be a third boy! Agh! Reason number 8,547 to not have a third baby! You know I'd make a third boy. That's just how this donor's sperm seems to meet my eggs. 

In attendance at the party was my friend's giant Latino family and only a handful of old dance friends. It bums me out that people make so little effort to get together anymore...and also makes me feel a little bit of a loser that I jump at any invite we get while everyone else seems to have better things to do. But that's the life of a single gal with no family around - my only social interactions come from friends. So the onus is on me to maintain those friendships and not just let them slip away.

I am not so upset about the money thing as you'd think. I'm a little bummed I got my hopes up, but oh well! This problem has a solution thankfully - it's not like this is my fixed income and I have to cut back just to get by. No, I only have to get by until February. I will have to defer one of my property tax payments but this is something I absolutely can do - it's not delinquent until after April 1st. And hopefully Theo will get me an awesome tax refund and I may get a break on health insurance come January. I also want for nothing, have a good comfortable home and a car that runs. 

One of my djs during my event was asking how I liked motherhood and I said it was great, and he said, "look at you - two beautiful kids, this great event - you've got a great life." He's right!


  1. I don't think you're a loser at all for jumping at invites. I bet your hosts are grateful that you make the effort. It's not easy with 2 kids, you should give yourself more credit.

  2. Theo suddenly looks so much older -- his face has rounded out. So cute!

  3. Glad you're seeing the positives of the money situation. I'm in awe of all that you do! Love your dh's comment!

  4. I'm glad the money situation isn't as dire as it seems - though of course it would be fantastic if it were better.

    I can give you hope that things might get better soon - Z is suffering from some new onset separation anxiety lately, but he's still SO much easier than he was just a few months ago. Hoping an easier time is on the horizon for you, too.

  5. I made a comment but it appears Blogspot ate it (as it is wont to do when I try to comment!). I just said I need to borrow a page from your book, you're super good at seeing silver linings.

    And also, if jumping at invites makes someone a loser, I'm definitely in the Loser Club!