Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's try this new thing

Today was another in a series of "let's try this new thing" only to have it be a total miserable screaming disaster. One of the pay indoor play places was offering a waterslide to beat the blistering 107 degree heat, so I took us over there. Of course like everything right now it was too advanced for B but he wanted to do it anyway - but he couldn't climb it by himself and kept falling, and I couldn't help him because I was holding the baby because it was unbearably hot with him in the carrier. So after a lot of crying and kids clambering over him I finally had to drag him away kicking and screaming, figuring we could at least use the nice cool indoor area. After getting everyone changed it looked like things were going to be okay - he had a blast playing on scooters and I got to feed the baby and cool down. But then of course he had to get in a screaming, pushing fight with some kid over some toy, and again I had to drag him away kicking and screaming along with my giant diaper bag, the big bag full of wet clothes, and a baby on my chest, then get all of our shoes on, then drag his tantrumming mess three blocks in the triple degree heat to our scary hot car, all the while thinking my mantra of ihatethisihatethisihatethis.

When does this get better? I'm positively drowning right now. Every day is utterly emotionally draining, exhausting, and kind of awful. And we have four more days of temperatures nearing 110. 

I want to scoop out my eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon.


  1. My friend had a horrifying experience at one of those type places when her daughter wasn't quite 2 years old that scared me from ever trying. Recently my mom has been taking E to the McD's play places & she's done well. At least you tried.

  2. My kids are the same age difference. This is the hardest time. It will get better. By age 3 B will be sooo much more independent and capable and communicative and Theo will be crawling/walking/eating food/etc. And then by age 2 and 4 it is even worlds better and by 3 and 5 it is ten times better yet. I mean, they'll still exhaust you and test your limits endlessly... but the physicality of it all will be so much better. I HATE McDs but actually think that suggestion in the heat is a great one. You can buy a fruit smoothie, sit in the air conditioning, and let B climb a playplace to his hearts content (assuming he can get himself out of it/not get stuck). Hang in there.