Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week wrap up

It was a busy week. Mainly I was derailed by being out three nights out in a row, so my normal pumping/working time was taken up by other things, and my days were so sleep deprived on account of the late nights that last week was really just about survival. It was painful having to put off the many complicated customer service issues that couldn't be handled on my phone ("sorry, I'll get back to you when I can get on my four days"). I hate being unable to get any quality work done before 7 PM...but I have two little kids so everyone is just going to have to suck it.

You're not going to believe what I found out when I tried to enroll Bobby back on Kaiser so we could all be with the same company. Quick re-telling of the story: back in December I enrolled through Covered California to get a really great health insurance policy for myself; I went through a broker who told me to list my income at a certain number so I could get this great policy. Unfortunately at that number the kids were automatically shipped off to MediCal - which turned out to be untenable as I had a $2800 "share of costs" per month I'd have to shell out before MediCal would kick in, essentially a $30,000 deductible. So I said the heck with it and got Bobby on Health Net and Theo on Kaiser for a total of about $600 for the three of us. I called last week to get Bobby back on Kaiser, and was told I'll have to call back in late November to get him set up for January due to open enrollment. Fine. But then the guy asked more detail about our policies and told me that had I just listed my income at $5000 more I could have had all three of us on Kaiser all this time for just over $200 a month-!!! I was flabbergasted, a little pissed, and a little relieved. I blame the broker for steering me wrong - but he didn't know what a nightmare MediCal had become. And who knows, maybe this information isn't correct either. So I half expect to make that call in November and be told something completely different. But, boy I hope it works out! Can you imagine what an extra $300-$400 a month could do for me?

Today I went to a gathering of some of our dance friends and was told that my friends who lost their little baby just days after Theo was born are expecting again, due the day before Bobby's birthday in March. I am so happy for them I could shit.

Here is an extremely rare photo of the three of us taken at the Ventura County Fair on Wednesday:


  1. Love the photo!! Sure the health insurance works out. An extra 3-4 hundred a month is huge!!

  2. Cute photo! And great news, hopefully, on the insurance!

  3. Love the photo! Here's hoping the new insurance works and you have a bigger monthly "cushion". How great would that be?!