Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The secret lives of toddlers

Yesterday there was an "incident" at school. Just a little head bonk/bloody nose thing, B was fine. But had the school never told me, I never would have known. It makes me wonder about all the things that go on at school, good and bad. I wish I could attach a GoPro to his head just to see what he does all day. Who are his friends? How do the teachers treat him? Is he popular? Shy? Mean to other kids? Nice to other kids? When I left him yesterday, two things made me really happy: he ran into the arms of his teacher, and a bunch of the more verbal kids said, "hi, Robert!"

I'd like to think my kid is well liked by his peers. But of course all parents want that for their kids. Nobody wants their kid to be bullied or left out. If he's anything like his mother he will probably take control of any group he gets involved in and start organizing (read: dictating) things. But he may not be at all like me. Which is why we need the tiny camera.

We got an invite in our cubbie for a classmate's birthday party Saturday. I think we're going to go. I'd be fascinated to see him interact with kids from school and meet some other parents. So far his friends have only been the kids of the mommy & me moms I've known for two years, or the other dance people's kids who he doesn't see that often. The thought of him having friends outside of me is utterly bizarre but kind of cool.

It's a lot like listening to him play in his room after I put him to bed - it cracks me up hearing him sing little songs and bang his toys around. Despite his recent loquaciousness, I still don't, nor may I ever, have any idea what goes on in his little toddler interior life. It's a total mystery to me. 


  1. I so want to rig a camera on E too! I'd be fascinated to see her at school without her knowing I'm watching. Especially with her speech delay, I've witnessed her at the park try to join in with kids & when she doesn't talk, they just ignore her. It hurts my heart to watch!

  2. The preschool my toddler is going to start this fall has cameras in all the rooms and you can sit out in the office and just watch your kid if you want. I'm probably going to do it a lot!

  3. The previous daycare I used had cameras that can be viewed online and I was logging in multiple times a day from home to watch her. This this new school does not have cameras and its driving me nuts to not know what you have listed above.

  4. I think it's a great sign the other kids are glad to see him! My son's daycare had a bully for a while and the kids would cry when she arrived.