Monday, August 4, 2014

Four weeks to go

Today I took the initiative to put B on the wait list for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday preschool program as opposed to the Tuesday/Thursday program he's on now. I find I'm using the place on weekends as a third day anyway, and it costs more to do it that way. Honestly, that Friday-Monday stretch is killing me. It sounds so dumb when just a few weeks ago I had no breaks at all and managed all right, but I feel like I can afford it now, so why not a third day? All his teachers say he's doing great. And when he turns three in just seven months the price drops again. I don't know when a spot will be available, but when it is, I'm taking it!

And all of a sudden, Bumpus is talking. And I mean really talking, not just repeating what he hears or saying random words. In the past two days he has told me to "sit down" and eat with him, asked me to "pick up the baby" when he cries, brought the baby carrier to me and asked me to "wrap up the baby", asked for "more milk please", said "shut the door" as he did so, etc etc. I know a lot of your kids have been talking more than this since they were one, but for us this is a big deal! I'd like to think preschool has a lot to do with it.

My event looms four weeks away. I can't decide if I am relaxed because I have gradually made the event easier to manage (read: delegated) or if I am relaxed because I am always "on" now anyway so I am used to this level of activity. I spend all day chasing Bumpus and trying to keep Theo happy, then get Bumpus to bed, nurse and get Theo to bed, make my own dinner, take care of household duties (garbage out, laundry, bill paying), work for a couple of hours, pump, then collapse into bed. This is way more than I used to do in a day. Yet I'm used to it now and feel odd when I don't have that much to do. I am already getting my pre-event dread of my post-event malaise. I had thought having two kids would put an end to that phenomenon. Turns out it does not.


  1. Yeah for your new talker! Glad preschool is such a great experience...for both of you!

  2. Ah, yes-- as a single, working mom of two I do way more in a day than ever before. It's probably equal to what I used to do in a week, honestly. Hope the 3 day spot opens soon so you get a little break!