Monday, July 7, 2014

Splishin' and a-splashin'

I can honestly say we had a blast today. It's the most fun I've seen Bumpus have in ages. We took the train downtown to a large public splash pad to meet up with a friend, and much to our delight and surprise one of B's preschool teachers was there with a visually impaired kids' group, and she took it upon herself to include him in all their games, which he loved. I love, love, love that B is so personable and loves people so much. He's completely fearless about joining groups and making friends. He has such confidence. I find that delightful.

So he and his little friend played all day in the water, and I was reminded how much better this year is than last year at this time. I took him to this splash pad a lot last summer but it was a bit of a futile exercise; at just over one, he had no attention span and was far more interested in running off, climbing stairs, playing in the (ugh) puddles leaking out of the public restrooms than actually enjoying the splash pad. Also he slipped and fell a lot and hit his head on the concrete. Aghhh! That age is so frustrating! And next summer it'll be Theo's turn!

Here are some pictures of Bumpus playing ring around the rosie. We both burned a bit but it was worth it!


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  1. Great pictures--that looks like lots of fun!