Sunday, July 27, 2014

Keeping it real

Life is so much more pleasant when we're all on our normal schedules. I find myself longing for fall already - that feeling you get after Labor Day when everything suddenly feels settled in and cozy - vacations over, school in, work on. Of course for me the reverse is true since the end of Labor Day means the end of my work. But it also means the beginning of work on the following Labor Day's event, so there is that regenerative quality. 

Five weeks 'til D-Day. I feel on top of things, which is good. For the first time ever I got an insurance certificate for my event online rather than through a broker, and it was so easy and cheap that I can't help but be suspicious - how can it be that easy, when going through a broker was always so stressful and fraught? Is this yet another instance of the Internet improving our lives? Tonight I have to re-program the two ipad minis I bought to process credit cards at the event (that hurt but I figured it's an investment in future events; renting these devices is a fortune, too); they are currently set up on my personal gmail account; I'd rather not have random volunteers stumbling across Donor Sibling Registry emails and breast feeding pictures, thank you very much. Last year my texts were popping up on the rental IPads - it was not good! 

Feeling more zen about the breast milk during my event issue; I mean, why not throw some formula his way if the pumped breast milk runs out? The whole idea freaks me out. Have I been overtaken by the hippies? I think I've been overtaken by the hippies.

A friend of mine found this amazing hike in the San Gabriels that involves a swimming hole and rocks to dive off of - heaven! I did a little research into the area and found something that made my heart sing - 1930's cabins on federal land, some for sale. It's long been a dream of mine to have an off-the-grid cabin somewhere to go and pretend to be Laura Ingalls; but I'm completely priced out of places like Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear. And I really do want a real old log cabin. They are priced so well in this area that this could be a reality someday - a few years? I plan on getting the boys into scouting so we could all go up there and be pioneers from time to time. If I was looking for a way to keep these kids real, this might just be it. Awesome.


  1. Such cute pics - thanks for sharing. The cabin sounds wonderful!

  2. I've been tempted to look into getting a cabin somewhere. There are so many options here in ON. But then there can be so many costs associated with it, up keep, repairs, etc. It's almost like owning a second house. I think I'll stick to renting...but if you buy one, can we come visit? ;)

  3. Great pictures!

    Formula seems like such an obvious solution, but it wouldn't have occurred to me, either. Hippies are overtaking us all.