Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th!

I actually had, dare I say it? a decent 4th of July for once yesterday. The daytime was a bit of a slog - I was afraid to deal with crowds and noise so I kept us home...ughhhh - but at night I went to an awesome Steve Martin concert at The Hollywood Bowl. There were not-too-loud fireworks and great patriotic songs. I'm so glad I got those tickets months ago. 

Last year, if I remember correctly, I sat at home bored and did nothing; the year before I was in Boston with Bumpus at Theo's age and that was fun...the year before that was awful, though - having just had the chemical pregnancy, then my parked car was smashed by a hit and run driver (and I was on the hook for the $500 deductible, which I have since lowered). Yeah, I'll take this fourth over that one, for sure! Back then I didn't really know how to laugh when things just get too bad for words. But I guess losing a potential baby after months of trying isn't exactly a laughing matter.

Faced with three days before my sister visits with zero plans and no one to see, I made the executive decision to take B to the Baby Kennel tomorrow even though with him attending preschool there now there's no reason to use the place on weekends. But something in me this morning just couldn't hang, so I called in a reservation. I will have lunch with a friend and then spend the afternoon trying to get on top of this mountain of paperwork. It's not exactly fun but it will make me feel a lot better going into my sister's visit, and my big price increase week, knowing the event is up to date.

Right now I am attempting another afternoon nap time. B is banging around in his room. I guess you can't force these kids to sleep - but you can at least give everyone a break in the afternoon. An hour or two "off" is pretty incredible and makes me wonder why I didn't try this sooner. 

I have a big, important, stressful gig tonight. I have to sing five new songs with no rehearsal and, since my event is so close and everyone will want to talk to me about it, I will have to be super friendly and "on" all night, which I find exhausting. Looking forward to my time off tomorrow, let me tell you.

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