Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Co parenting

My sister's week-long visit ended yesterday...and my week-long trip to Kauai begins first thing tomorrow morning. At this moment I am definitely thinking...what the hell was I thinking???

The visit was great, but exhausting for all of us. Poor keyed-up Bumpus screamed and cried much of the first few nights when I put him to bed; the baby didn't do much better. My sleep deprivation is starting to enter epic proportions and it's scaring me a little. But that's a whole other post.

Let me just say it was great having an extra pair of hands - I didn't change a poopy toddler diaper nor prepare a breakfast for a whole week. Theo hardly cried (except in the car) because there was always someone to hold him. Getting in and out of the car seemed to happen at lightening speed with each of us getting one child into his carseat at the same time. These visits are my only peek into the world of having a partner - and I can easily see how one could get used to it. Still, I can see how another adult around who is not the mother can have its pitfalls. There's the ever-present "I thought you were watching him" issue; another person's needs to be aware of and met, and just the extra noise/work/excitement another human being brings to the table. Yes, co-parenting is a whole other animal, for sure.

We did do a lot of fun activities, though - even had a "date night" out with a sitter and had some great sushi (non-fish for me) followed by a fascinating movie (Boyhood). Such a nicer time when you're not pregnant and nauseated!!!

B's comprehension of/sensitivity to change in routine and surroundings is becoming more apparent. My little easy-going baby is turning into a sensitive preschooler who throws a screaming, kicking fit when you try to get him to wear new shoes, and gets super hyper when there's new people around. It makes me very worried for my week in Hawaii, and also for my event in a month. Oh well. It's going to be a bit of a roller coaster until September but once fall hits we'll have a nice, consistent routine. Until then - all bets are off!


  1. Glad your visit with your sister was good & hope Hawaii goes smoothly & is enjoyable. I love the photo of your sister & your boys on the porch swing!

  2. I hope your sleep deprivation ends soon!